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Competing class actions - a problem in need of a solution
Insight 20 Aug 2018

As fertile ground for class actions the Royal Commission has highlighted an ongoing problem with Australia's class action regime - there is no clear consistent means for resolving competing class actions. ...

Allens' submission to ALRC Class Actions Inquiry - time to revisit the checks and balances
Insight 14 Aug 2018

The Australian Law Reform Commissions Inquiry into Class Actions and Third Party Litigation Funders provides an important and timely opportunity to reflect on the operation of our class actions regime We have made a detailed submission to the ALRCs Inquiry in which we advocated for a renewed focus ...

VLRC takes first cut at class action reform
Insight 22 Jun 2018

The VLRC has completed its review of Victoria's class action regime, with a particular focus on the effect of litigation funding. The report calls for national regulation of litigation funding, lifting the ban on contingency fees and a greater supervisory role for the Victorian Supreme Court. ...

Class action and litigation funding review - ALRC grapples with thorny issues
Insight 06 Jun 2018

As part of its current inquiry into class actions and litigation funders the Australian Law Reform Commission has released a discussion paper that is a timely contribution to the long-running debate on the appropriate regulation of class action proceedings and litigation funding In general it ...

Competing class actions - the court takes control
Insight 24 May 2018

The Federal Court has made orders permanently staying two competing shareholder class actions against GetSwift Limited and allowing a third class action to proceed The latest in a series of judgments where the courts have grappled with the problem of competing class actions Justice Lees decision ...

Attorney-General announces class action inquiry
Insight 18 Dec 2017

The Attorney-General has announced that he has asked the Australian Law Reform Commission to inquire into class action proceedings and third party litigation funders The inquiry presents an important opportunity to take stock of how the class actions landscape has evolved particularly whether ...

Why we need to do more to fix our class action regime
Insight 03 Oct 2017

The Victorian Law Reform Commissions inquiry into litigation funding and group proceedings provides an important and timely opportunity to reflect on the current operation of our class action regime The regime recognises and was designed to balance competing interests We believe more can be done to ...

The latest from the High Court on contractual interpretation
Insight 30 Mar 2017

A recent High Court case which addressed the Codelfa rule did not explicitly resolve the controversy as to its application, however may be seen as a further departure from the 'ambiguity gateway' approach. ...

25 years of class actions
Insight 27 Mar 2017

Class action risk is changing A new wave of entrepreneurialism by plaintiff lawyers and litigation funders has substantially changed class action dynamics in recent times The 25th anniversary of the class action regime is a good opportunity to reflect on whether in the light of those and other ...

Shareholder class actions in Australia
Insight 14 Mar 2017

Class actions are an established and important part of the Australian legal landscape In recent years Australia has become the most likely jurisdiction outside of the United States in which a corporation will face significant class action litigation This evolution has been facilitated by recent ...