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Queensland's new critical minerals strategy unveiled
Insight 03 Jul 2023

The Australian Government's recent Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030 has been followed by the release of the Queensland Critical Minerals Strategy. We outline the four key objectives of the new Strategy and explore how the QLD Government intends to strengthen Queensland's position in the critical minerals global value chain. ...

Next step in delivering the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan
Insight 29 Jun 2023

Following the release of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan in September 2022, the Queensland Government has revealed draft legislation—the Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Bill 2023 (Qld). This Insight explores the Draft Bill and identifies key details still to be provided. ...

Australia's Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030
Insight 22 Jun 2023

In this Insight, we outline the key features of the Strategy, identify questions yet to be answered and focus on several of its key aspects. ...

Safeguard 2.0—managing risk under Australia's new carbon scheme
Insight 19 Jun 2023

With Australia's revamped baseline-and-credit carbon trading scheme, the Safeguard Mechanism (starting on 1 July 2023), many of Australia's large emitters—and their investors, financiers and customers—are grappling with how to comply with the scheme and manage carbon risk. ...

Australian Government locks in final details of the Safeguard Mechanism reforms
Insight 18 May 2023

The Government has released its slate of detailed subordinate legislation that will support the reformed Safeguard Mechanism scheme. This means that the Government has issued the full suite of initial Safeguard Mechanism reforms set to launch on 1 July 2023. ...

Australia's hydrogen industry is progressing, but not fast enough
Insight 16 May 2023

We outline the key takeaways for the hydrogen industry from the 2023-24 Federal Budget, the Hydrogen Report and the Infrastructure Report, and provide an overview of the new emissions calculator. ...

Government's Safeguard Mechanism reforms get the green light
Insight 06 Apr 2023

Parliament has passed the Government's long-anticipated Safeguard Mechanism reforms following a watershed Labor-Greens deal. In this Insight, we focus on the key amendments to the Safeguard Mechanism scheme's architecture that brought the reforms over the line. ...

Resource and industrial businesses face 4.9% annual emissions reductions
Insight 25 Jan 2023

The Australian Government has provided further clarity on its proposed reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism, imposing declining emissions caps on Australia's largest greenhouse gas emitters from 1 Ju ...

Sustainability reporting – what you need to know to be prepared for the ISSB Standards
Insight 21 Dec 2022

The International Sustainability Standards Board (the ISSB), established by the IFRS Foundation at COP26 in November 2021, is currently developing a global framework for sustainability- and climate- related financial disclosures. ...

Insurance coverage for climate litigation: taking the temperature from US case law
Insight 12 Dec 2022

In this Insight, we profile some of the key cases and highlight potential barriers that policyholders may face in recovering the costs of climate litigation. ...