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Franchisors – take notice!
Insight 23 Sep 2020

The Federal Court has recently confirmed the ability of the Fair Work Ombudsman to require employers to hand over documents created before vulnerable worker legislation came into force. ...

Full Bench confirms breach of critical safety procedure justified dismissal
Insight 23 Sep 2020

The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWCFB) has confirmed that a breach of a critical safety procedure can be grounds for dismissal, even where there is no actual risk of injury to any person as a result of the breach. ...

Changes to the JobKeeper scheme
Insight 18 Aug 2020

The JobKeeper scheme will be modified, and extended from 28 September 2020 until 30 March 2021. ...

Managing workers' safety concerns in the era of COVID-19
Insight 18 Aug 2020

Employers must take all steps reasonably practicable to eliminate or minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure and provide a safe work environment. Employees can refuse to work if there is an immediate threat to their health and safety. ...

Obligation to notify WorkSafe Victoria of confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis
Insight 18 Aug 2020

From 28 July 2020, employers in Victoria are required to notify WorkSafe of any confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 in the workplace. ...

Federal Court finds FWC can resolve Qantas stand down dispute
Insight 18 Aug 2020

The Federal Court has confirmed that the Fair Work Commission has jurisdiction to hear a dispute about the legality of stand downs Qantas and Jetstar initiated under their enterprise agreements, and has shed light on the dispute resolution clauses in those EAs. ...

JobKeeper enabling directions – a focus on 'reasonableness'
Insight 18 Aug 2020

In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (the FWC), an employer has been chastised for unreasonably directing an employee to work only 60% of their pre-COVID hours. ...

Queensland's proposed new wage theft laws
Insight 18 Aug 2020

A new law proposed in Queensland would make it clear that wage theft can be prosecuted as stealing and fraud. However, these laws may be short-lived, given the Federal Government is considering similar laws that would cover the field for Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) offences. ...

No 'ordinary and customary turnover in labour' where there is a reasonable expectation of ongoing work
Insight 18 Aug 2020

An employee's reasonable expectation of continued employment is relevant to determining whether the termination was 'due to the ordinary and customary turnover of labour' for the purpose of exemption from statutory redundancy entitlements. ...

Report of the Inquiry into Victoria's On-Demand Workforce
Insight 18 Aug 2020

The Inquiry into the On-Demand Workforce (the Inquiry) released its report we'll link from here to into the ‘on-demand’ workforce in the Victorian labour market (the Report) on 15 July 2020. The Report makes a number of recommendations to update the current system. ...