Why organisations must embed mental health and wellbeing support into cyber incident response planning

By Valeska Bloch, Samantha Betzien, Greg Prescott, Fliss McKay
Cyber Data & Privacy Employment & Safety Technology, Media & Telecommunications

A guide for key decision-makers and cyber incident response teams

Mental health and wellbeing support for cyber professionals, incident response teams and staff targeted in cyber incidents is now essential to cyber risk management and incident response planning.

As cyber incidents become commonplace and threat actors increasingly target, harass and intimidate key decision-makers to coerce them to pay ransoms, information on the heavy toll cyber incidents can take on the individuals involved is emerging. Coupled with the certainty that cyber incidents will only become more prevalent, this is creating serious concerns about what's ahead.

We understand the impact this has on the industry and professionals, which is why we've pulled together this guide. It explains:

  • the pressures faced by cyber professionals, incident response team members and senior executives and directors (who are increasingly being personally targeted in cyber incidents);
  • WHS obligations in the context of cyber incidents; and
  • nine actions organisations should take to prepare and support their people.