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Superannuation-guarantee amnesty, and proposed modern slavery legislation
Insight 31 Jul 2018

Two important pieces of draft legislation under Federal consideration are how employers deal with historical superannuation contribution shortfalls, and the possible requirement of employers to report on modern slavery risks and practices in their workforce and supply chains. ...

A cautionary tale – let sleeping employees lie
Insight 31 Jul 2018

A recent Fair Work Commission decision has confirmed that procedural deficiencies will render a dismissal unfair even where the dismissal involves serious misconduct. ...

Australian Human Rights Commission to conduct inquiry into workplace sexual harassment
Insight 31 Jul 2018

Australia's Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Kate Jenkins, announced on 20 June 2018 that the Australian Human Rights Commission would conduct the world's first national inquiry into sexual harassment in Australian workplaces. ...

US court holds foreign corporations not liable for human rights harms under Alien Tort Statute
Insight 20 Jul 2018

In a decision on human rights litigation that has important consequences for business a divided US Supreme Court has held that foreign corporations will not be held liable in suits brought under the Alien Tort Statute Partner Rachel Nicolson Associate Shamistha Selvaratnam and Graduate Calypso ...

Modern Slavery Bill introduced - how will this impact Australian businesses?
Insight 28 Jun 2018

The Modern Slavery Bill has been introduced into Federal Parliament If it passes Australian entities or entities carrying on business in Australia with at least 100 million global consolidated revenue will be required to submit a statement on risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply ...

Australian Modern Slavery Act: Final Report recommends mandatory supply chain reporting with penalties for non-compliance
Insight 14 Dec 2017

After a year-long inquiry a parliamentary committee has recommended that Australia establish a Modern Slavery Act including mandatory reporting for large businesses on modern slavery risks in their operations and supply chains The introduction of a Modern Slavery Act is set to be a game-changer with ...

Supply chains and modern slavery: reporting on the rise
Insight 18 Sep 2017

The release of the Attorney-Generals consultation paper on modern slavery in supply chains and the recent interim inquiry report on establishing an Australian Modern Slavery Act reflect how international standards around corporate respect for human rights are becoming enshrined in law Australian ...

Human rights: The questions your board and executives should be asking
Insight 21 Jun 2017

Australian boards and senior executives are expected to maintain oversight of risk and compliance issues such as bribery sanctions human rights and anti-money laundering In-house counsel perform a central role in supporting this oversight and maintaining compliance In the last of a five-part series ...

Supply chains in the spotlight: Establishing an Australian Modern Slavery Act
Insight 21 Feb 2017

The Australian Government has announced the launch of a broad inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia The inquiry will consider whether the introduction of anti-slavery legislation would strengthen and improve Australias current regime to combat slavery If introduced a Modern ...

UN resolution could be the start of a binding treaty on business and human rights
Insight 13 Aug 2014

The UN Human Rights Council has recently passed resolutions that provide for the establishment of a working group to develop an international legally binding human rights instrument for transnational corporations as well as commissioning a report on the pros and cons of this approach Partner Rachel ...