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Australia rebranded? A new logo in tough times for trade and travel
Insight 28 Aug 2020

Australia's new 'wattle' logo is intended to represent Australia in the international trade arena. Detailed arrangements governing its use are still to come. Stay alert for details of forthcoming governance arrangements which will define the circumstances in which the new logo can be applied. ...

Gaming: it's no game, in fact, it's big business
Insight 28 Aug 2020

From Nintendo to esports, gaming has put on a masterclass, demonstrating how leveraging and protecting IP is a key companion to reaching audiences beyond the controller. ...

Honest concurrent use: a rock-solid reminder of the importance of specific evidence
Insight 28 Aug 2020

A recent decision of the Full Court of the Federal Court has highlighted that evidence of honest concurrent use of a trade mark must relate to the specific goods or services covered by an application. It's a timely reminder about the need for care in selecting the scope of the goods and services covered by a mark. ...

Booking.com not so generic.com in the US?
Insight 28 Aug 2020

The US Supreme Court held that Booking.com is not a generic term and can be registered as a trade mark, presenting an opportunity for online businesses trading in the US under 'generic.com' domain names to seek trade mark registration. ...

No grounds for opposition for coffee merchants
Insight 28 Aug 2020

Parties seeking to oppose (or defend an opposition to) a trade mark registration now have greater clarity over what constitutes use of a trade mark 'in the course of trade' thanks to a recent decision by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. ...

Swiss claims and skinny labels: Full Federal Court considers infringement
Insight 28 Aug 2020

An enlarged bench of the Full Federal Court has considered the principles applying to infringement of Swiss-style claims, with the decision potentially limiting the application of Swiss-style claims in the context of so-called second medical use patents, where the allegedly infringing products are ʽskinny-labelled’. ...

Designs amendment on the horizon: is this the saving grace for Australian designs?
Insight 28 Aug 2020

The Designs Amendment (Advisory Council on Intellectual Property Response) Bill 2020 exposure draft has been released. The proposed changes will make it easier to coordinate design registrations across jurisdictions and, for now, current best practice filing strategies remain the same. ...

Changes ongoing for product liability and compliance during COVID-19
Insight 07 Aug 2020

Amidst increased scrutiny by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the ACCC, Australian businesses which manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE), detergents and hand sanitiser must remain on top of changes to product laws in the healthcare space in order to avoid potential liability. ...

Defamation in the digital age – beware of social media comments
Insight 25 Jun 2020

The NSW Court of Appeal has recently reaffirmed the ruling that administrators of public Facebook pages can be held liable as publishers of comments posted to their pages by members of the public. ...

Sachin hits Spartan for six
Insight 25 Jun 2020

The dispute between Sachin Tendulkar and Australian bat-maker Spartan Sports over a breach of a sponsorship agreement has ended with Spartan paying a hefty settlement sum, cancelling valuable trade marks and delivering a public apology. This case shows the risks of public disputes with high-profile celebrities. ...