Priority window closes soon for .au direct domain names

By Tim Golder, Tracy Lu, Edward Thien
Intellectual Property Patents & Trade Marks

Less than one month to register 2 min read

Further to our last update, the window for existing holders of .au domain names (eg or to claim priority status to register matching .au direct names (eg '' instead of '') closes on 20 September 2022.

How does this affect you?

  • Existing holders of .au domain namespaces (eg or have less than one month left to claim priority over the equivalent .au direct domain name.
  • From 4 October 2022, any unclaimed .au direct domain names will be released to the public for anyone to claim.
  • Unlike domain names where additional allocation rules apply, any company or individual that meets the Australian presence test will be able to register the .au direct domain name of their choice.

Who in your organisation needs to know about this?

Legal, risk and compliance, IT, marketing and communications.

What action can be taken now?

As previously reported, all businesses with an existing .au domain name (eg a or domain name) should consider applying for priority status to register the matching .au direct domain name as soon as possible and by 20 September 2022. Even if the domain name is not ultimately used, this will prevent unrelated third parties from claiming the domain name, potentially as a scam or phishing website.

Further, businesses may wish to consider registering other desired short names or terms as .au direct domain names. Such domain names may be useful for advertising campaigns where the relevant domain name is not available or where a shorter domain is more user friendly (eg on social media).

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