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Important changes to Queensland's mineral resource legislation
Insight 25 Oct 2018

The Queensland Parliament passed the Mineral, Water and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018, which will make important changes to the various Acts governing resource activities in that state. This insight examins the changes to mineral resources legislation. ...

Implications of High Court ruling for mining lease applications in WA
Insight 23 Aug 2017

The High Court has found the mining warden did not have jurisdiction to hear applications for mining leases over certain Minderoo pastoral holdings, because they were not accompanied by either a mining proposal or a mineralisation report. ...

Getting The Deal Through: Boom in renewables
Insight 04 Aug 2017

Allens Partners Ben Farnsworth Michael Ryan and Tim Stewart were part of the global panel analysing the boom in renewables in the Australian project finance market In Getting the Deal Throughs third annual issue focusing on the global project finance markets Ben Michael and Tim look at the trends ...

Finkel Review - Data: Critical data needs in the national electricity market
Insight 05 Jul 2017

In the fourth of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment of the critical data needs in the National Electricity Market NEM including a key recommendation that by the end of 2018 the proposed Energy Security Board in collaboration with the Australian Energy Regulator ...

Finkel Review - Distributed Energy Resources: Unlocking potential and future partnerships
Insight 23 Jun 2017

In the second of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment on the growth of distributed energy resources DERs in the Australian energy landscape and his suggestions for future incentivisation and orchestration These suggestions have raised a number of considerations and ...

Finkel Review - Gas: A revolving door or real change?
Insight 20 Jun 2017

In the first of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment on the place of gas in the Australian energy landscape and his suggestions for the creation of more efficient gas markets ...

Finkel: the solution for our energy future?
Insight 13 Jun 2017

As the saying goes never let a good crisis go to waste The Finkel Review commissioned after blackouts in South Australia and delivered by Australias Chief Scientist last week may prove to be the right report at the right time to garner support for energy and emissions policy positions that could ...

Victorian Government proposes reforms to reserve domestic gas production
Insight 07 Jun 2017

The Victorian Government has today proposed significant gas market reforms primarily involving the introduction of a cap on the export of gas from Victoria in order to facilitate the reservation of domestic gas production for domestic supply The proposed reforms are aimed at reducing domestic gas ...

Budget measures to increase gas supply
Insight 10 May 2017

The 2017 Federal Budget introduced several measures designed to increase domestic gas supply to the Australian market Key measures include the direct financing of onshore gas development and studies into potential programs aimed at increasing the efficiency transparency and security of the gas ...