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Australian Government locks in final details of the Safeguard Mechanism reforms
Insight 18 May 2023

The Government has released its slate of detailed subordinate legislation that will support the reformed Safeguard Mechanism scheme. This means that the Government has issued the full suite of initial Safeguard Mechanism reforms set to launch on 1 July 2023. ...

Federal Budget 2023–24: five key takeaways for general counsel
Insight 17 May 2023

Here is our take on the essential issues for General Counsel arising from the Federal Budget (Budget) 2023-24. ...

ASIC ramps up greenwashing-related regulatory interventions, targeting managed funds and ASX listed entities
Insight 16 May 2023

ASIC's latest report, ASIC's recent greenwashing interventions (the Report), outlines its recent surveillance activities and regulatory interventions to tackle misleading marketing and greenwashing. ...

How will the Nature Repair Market help your business invest in the environment?
Insight 15 May 2023

The recently introduced Nature Repair Market Bill 2023 has put nature repair projects in the spotlight, presenting an opportunity for businesses to invest in green initiatives that improve the environment. ...

Government's Safeguard Mechanism reforms get the green light
Insight 06 Apr 2023

Parliament has passed the Government's long-anticipated Safeguard Mechanism reforms following a watershed Labor-Greens deal. In this Insight, we focus on the key amendments to the Safeguard Mechanism scheme's architecture that brought the reforms over the line. ...

13 recommendations to mitigate risk in sustainability statements and greenwashing
Insight 28 Mar 2023

This Insight considers some key emerging trends in ASIC's and the ACCC's enforcement activities around greenwashing and sustainability that will be major themes in 2023. ...

ESG class actions: an emerging focus on supply chain risk
Insight 20 Mar 2023

Class action claims against companies alleging adverse human rights impacts are increasing globally. While damages may be sought, such claims are increasingly being used to drive change in company policies and practices. ...

Australian ESG legal outlook: 2023
Insight 16 Mar 2023

ESG is continuing to gain momentum across the Australian landscape. There is now an expectation that businesses will engage proactively with ESG principles and reporting trends, including in their operational and strategic decision making, even in the absence of so-called 'hard laws'. ...

ESG class actions
Insight 08 Feb 2023

As these actions grow in prominence overseas, and make their way to Australian shores, all sectors need to be aware of their strategies to mitigate litigation risk whilst keeping a clear eye on present and future trends. ...

Resource and industrial businesses face 4.9% annual emissions reductions
Insight 25 Jan 2023

The Australian Government has provided further clarity on its proposed reforms to the Safeguard Mechanism, imposing declining emissions caps on Australia's largest greenhouse gas emitters from 1 Ju ...