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M&A trends in the manufacturing and industrials sectors: green manufacturing, investment in technology and industrial real estate
Insight 10 Oct 2022

Following our recent Insight on the key M&A trends in the food and beverages sector, we turn to the manufacturing and industrials sectors, with an analysis of some of the major M&A trends we are seeing and their likely direction. ...

Third layer of greenhouse gas emissions regulation to apply to some NSW operations
Insight 29 Sep 2022

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (the EPA) recently released a draft Climate Change Policy (the policy) and Action Plan 2022–25 (the plan) for public consultation. In this Insight, we look at three key measures proposed in the plan that could have a significant impact on industry. ...

Australian Infrastructure Investment report 2022
Insight 28 Sep 2022

Australia’s mature and stable market has maintained investor confidence and continues to be a leading destination for investment. However, investors face a range of challenges, particularly supply chain constraints and economic instability, due to rising inflation and higher costs of borrowing. ...

Legislating net zero - the key implications of Australia’s Climate Change Act
Insight 26 Sep 2022

While the Climate Act may appear symbolic in nature, it establishes a new policy platform and could have implications for the proponents of new projects in the resources and transport sectors in Australia. In this Insight, we summarise the Act and its key implications for Australian businesses. ...

Federal Government invites views on proposed biodiversity market
Insight 08 Sep 2022

The Federal Government has announced its plans to create a national voluntary biodiversity market and biodiversity certification scheme (BCS) which will operate in parallel to the existing federal carbon credit scheme (CCS). Here we briefly summarise the Government's proposal and what it could mean for you. ...

Recent industry guidance for fund managers on climate risk disclosure
Insight 07 Sep 2022

Fund managers should take note of recent guidance published by the Financial Services Council, which provides a set of baseline expectations for the investment management industry's approach to making net zero targets, ESG product labelling and other climate risk disclosure considerations. ...

Australia's Net Zero ask of resources and industrial emitters
Insight 23 Aug 2022

With the new Australian Government's Net Zero emissions legislation progressing through Parliament, the Government has flagged tough new emissions caps for the resources and industrial sectors. These will have potentially far-reaching implications for both existing emitters and proposed new emission ...

A snapshot of ESG in Vietnam
Insight 16 Aug 2022

Environmental, Social and Governance issues continue to create a paradigm shift in the way businesses are run.2022 looks to be another big year in the space, with those slow to adapt getting left behind. We break down key ESG trends to watch for in 2022. ...

M&A trends in the food and beverage sector: ESG, innovative agriculture, craft beer and plant-based alternatives
Insight 28 Jul 2022

With ESG front of mind, we take a deep dive into some of the M&A trends within the food and beverage sector and outline some key factors that we expect to attract global investment in the years to come. ...

Competition and consumer law risks to be aware of in relation to ESG
Insight 22 Jun 2022

As businesses continue to focus on ESG it's important to be aware of potential competition and consumer law risks, including misleading environmental claims and anti-competitive industry collaboration. After watching this short Video, you will have a clear understanding of both of these issues and some of the practical steps you can take to prevent these risks. ...