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Nucleus – corporate law developments: Second tranche of draft FIRB reforms; ASIC Corporate Plan for 2020-24; High Court clarifies personal/carer's leave entitlements; and other corporate law developments
Insight 25 Sep 2020

Second tranche of draft FIRB reforms released; ASIC releases Corporate Plan for 2020-24; ASIC grants relief for escrow and non-promotional communications for IPOs and updates RG5 and RG254; High Court sides with employers and clarifies personal/carer's leave entitlements; ACCC releases ninth interim gas inquiry report; extension of temporary COVID-19 continuous disclosure and insolvency relief measures; ALRC reports on Australia's corporate criminal responsibility regime. ...

COVID-19 cooperation to continue; international regulators team up on investigations; charity claims under the lens; and other developments
Insight 24 Sep 2020

Continued coordination in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; int'l agreement for regulators to cooperate on cross-border investigations; Oscar Wylee penalised $3.5m; Pfizer's Upjohn merger cleared with Mylan; ACCC examines competition in mobile apps market; and new Energy Tech Consumer Code ...

Sanctions Regime in Australia
Insight 14 Sep 2020

We outline the key aspects of the Australian Sanctions Regime, the practical issues that corporations may encounter when implementing and managing their sanctions compliance frameworks, as well as some recent case studies to illustrate how the regime can apply. ...

News Code of Conduct update; ACCC flags enforcement in the electricity market; and other developments
Insight 09 Sep 2020

News Code of Conduct update: ACCC releases a draft code for comment; HealthEngine to pay $2.9 million for ACL breaches; ACCC flags enforcement in the electricity market; Next chapter of the gas inquiry; Alstom's acquisition of Bombardier Transport cleared; and more COVID cooperation. ...

ASIC's Corporate Plan 2020-2024
Insight 01 Sep 2020

ASIC's Corporate Plan sets out its strategic priorities and actions for the next four years, especially its approach to its supervisory, surveillance and enforcement functions, and how each of those may have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. ...

ACCC's first enforcement action for an alleged breach of the Electricity Retail Code; Federal Court explores the meaning of 'prepayment'; and other developments
Insight 17 Aug 2020

The ACCC pursues Sumo Power over its electricity plans; interim report on Murray–Darling Water Markets Inquiry; 'prepayment' examined by Federal Court in ACCC v TPG; Locality Planning Energy fined for alleged breach of the Electricity Retail Code; and proceedings against Decathlon over sale of allegedly unsafe sporting goods. ...

After the Inquiry: what's next for litigation funders and the class actions industry in Australia?
Insight 14 Aug 2020

We identify the key themes arising from the Inquiry and outline the practical implications of the recently introduced legislation regarding the regulation of litigation funders and the introduction of contingency fees in VIC. ...

A growing tide? Climate change class action proceedings issued against the Federal Treasury
Insight 12 Aug 2020

Australia is becoming front and centre as a forum for activist climate change litigation against corporates, financial institutions and government. We assess the significance of these proceedings and outline the key questions your organisation and its Board should be asking. ...

Consultation begins on the CDR energy rules framework
Insight 11 Aug 2020

An overview of the ACCC's approach to the CDR Rules and CDR data sets for the energy sector, and matters which may require energy-specific rules. This article provides and highlights the key issues which have been left open for further consideration. ...

Changes ongoing for product liability and compliance during COVID-19
Insight 07 Aug 2020

Amidst increased scrutiny by the Therapeutic Goods Administration and the ACCC, Australian businesses which manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE), detergents and hand sanitiser must remain on top of changes to product laws in the healthcare space in order to avoid potential liability. ...