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Babcock & Brown - a market disclosure claim decided
Insight 10 Mar 2015

The Federal Court has dismissed shareholders claims against Babcock Brown alleging failure to disclose market sensitive information The court made important findings on the scope of listed entities continuous disclosure obligations in the context of accounting irregularities and potential insolvency ...

Media Reform Green Paper
Insight 04 Dec 2020

On 27 November, the Department of Communications issued a Media Reform Green Paper ( Green Paper ) seeking views on a number of proposals. The Green Paper builds on a number of issues highlighted b ...

Papua New Guinea votes to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption
Insight 27 Nov 2020

On 12 November 2020, Papua New Guinea's (PNG) Parliament unanimously passed a Bill to establish an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Almost a decade in the making, the successful passage of the Bill is a significant milestone in progressing PNG's anti-corruption agenda. ...

Amendments to PNG Mining Act and Oil and Gas Act
Insight 18 Jun 2020

The Parliament of PNG has passed a series of amendments targeting the mining, oil and gas industries. We examine the significance of these amendments and the likely next steps.  ...

Round 2: Financial Advice
Insight 11 Feb 2019

In her summary my colleague, Michelle Levy, said her initial reaction was that the recommendations in the Final Report were modest but, on a second reading, some would set a cat among the pigeons. ...

Predictive coding endorsed again by English High Court
Insight 29 Jun 2016

In its second decision on predictive coding this year the English High Court has again accepted the use of this innovative technology in discovery this time in a contested application Partner Duncan Travis Managing Associate Kate Austin and Law Graduate Yi-Ling Ng examine the case and its ...

Accurate tenement expenditure recording under the Mining Act 1978 (WA): an update from the Warden's Court
Insight 13 Aug 2020

Recent proceedings before the Warden's Court of Western Australia have reinforced a long line of decisions and the nature of a tenement holder's obligations in tenement reporting; affirming the requirements for detailed and accurate reporting on expenditure, and emphasising the importance of ensuring tenement holders are truthful when reporting expenditure. The decisions are a timely reminder of the importance of adequately resourcing the compiling, calculating and reporting expenditure functions (and the need to keep detailed records to substantiate that expenditure), as failure to do so can ultimately lead to forfeiture of tenements. ...

State infrastructure post-COVID-19: what are WA's changing infrastructure needs?
Insight 13 Aug 2020

IWA was established in July 2019. It is tasked with preparing a 20-year strategy, refreshed every five years. The strategy will address social, economic and environmental infrastructure sectors (and cross-sector issues). ...

Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Bill 2020 (WA)
Insight 13 Aug 2020

A consultation draft Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Bill 2020 (WA) ( Bill ) was released to key industry stakeholders for comment around May 2020. The Bill, if adopted, wi ...

A decade of State Agreements in Western Australia: trends and predictions
Insight 13 Aug 2020

State Agreements have been described in Parliament as 'the cornerstone of [Western Australia's] resources sector, particularly the large sector'. Members of the WA Government in the past have asserted that Western Australia would not have projects like the extensive iron ore operations in the Pilbara, North West Shelf, Gorgon, Wheatstone and the DBNGP without State Agreements. ...