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Agriculture, food and beverage sector - M&A and governance update
Insight 01 Nov 2023

Despite a more cautious market in 2023, M&A in the agricultural, food and beverage sector has proven resilient. In this Insight, we delve into some ongoing trends shaping it, as well as giving a quick snapshot of Australia's proposed mandatory climate disclosure regime. ...

Avoid, minimise, offset and adapt – greater scale helps Australian agriculture build climate resilience
Insight 14 Oct 2021

Over recent decades, the number of farmers in Australia has been decreasing and the size of farms has been increasing. According to the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, larger farms tend to be more profitable, invest more in innovation, and generate a higher rate of return on capital than smaller farms. ...

Future farm
Insight 12 Aug 2021

Over the next 10 years, the agribusiness sector will be revolutionised. The amount of change will far surpass what's happened before, and create a whole new way of operating farms and agricultural businesses. Likewise, the expectations for farms and how farms operate will change. ...

ACCC calls for significant reforms to the Murray-Darling Basin water markets
Insight 22 Jun 2021

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has released the final report of its inquiry into the Murray-Darling Basin (Basin) water markets. ...

Current, emerging and future issues in Agribusiness
Insight 04 Jun 2021

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has become increasingly active in the agriculture industry through market inquiries, codes of conduct, enforcement action and a push for the introduction of a new prohibition on unfair trading practices. ...

ACCC 2020 Enforcement Priorities
Insight 26 Feb 2020

A number of industries and issues are in the spotlight following release of the ACCC's 2020 Enforcement and Compliance Priorities by Chairman Rod Sims on 25 February. ...

What is on the horizon for competition and consumer laws?
Insight 10 Dec 2019

In his recent address to the RBB Economics Forum, ACCC Chairman Rod Sims identified a number of key focus areas for the regulator. The Chairman offered valuable insight into potential future developments in the competition and consumer law space, including the ACCC's approach to mergers, the possible introduction of a prohibition against unfair trading practices, and further scrutiny of the agricultural sector. We explore the impact of the ACCC's agenda on the food and beverage sector. ...

From lab to pasture to plate - amendments to the National Gene Technology Scheme
Insight 12 Aug 2019

The Federal Government has amended the scheme that regulates the release of genetically modified organisms into the environment in a manner that is commensurate with risk. However, proposals to ammend the Food Standards Code, if any, is pending subject to its review. ...

Will the Australian food regulator change its tuna?
Insight 12 Aug 2019

From milk to meat and from chicken to tuna, the global animal-based food industry has been asking 'what's in a name?' in the context of the policy debate over the regulation of vegan alternatives to animal-based food products. ...

Australia and Indonesia sign bilateral free trade agreement - what it means for you
Insight 21 Mar 2019

After eight years of negotiation, Australia and Indonesia have signed a bilateral free trade agreement that both reduces tariff and non-tariff barriers for trade and investment, and simplifies various regulatory requirements. ...