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Australia and Indonesia sign bilateral free trade agreement - what it means for you
Insight 21 Mar 2019

After eight years of negotiation, Australia and Indonesia have signed a bilateral free trade agreement that both reduces tariff and non-tariff barriers for trade and investment, and simplifies various regulatory requirements. ...

Major new corporate and financial sector penalties - what they mean for you
Insight 22 Feb 2019

New legislation that greatly increases penalties for corporate and financial sector misconduct will have wide-ranging and significant effects Partner Alex Mason Managing Associate Chris Kerrigan and Associate Rachele Troup report ...

Climate change reporting - heating up in 2019
Insight 19 Feb 2019

The need for companies to manage and report on climate-change risks is gaining momentum in Australia This is part of a global trend as investors and governing bodies increasingly expect companies to integrate climate risks into their strategy and reporting - yet tools for monitoring and disclosing ...

State of trade - the regulatory impacts on your business in 2019
Insight 12 Feb 2019

If last year was anything to go by managing trade-related risk has never been more important to your business In 2018 we saw significant growth in regulatory actions undertaken globally in reliance on trade law with trade barriers at the forefront of both domestic and international policy-making ...

Modern Slavery Bill passed - how can your business prepare?
Insight 03 Dec 2018

This Insight considers the key implications of the passing of the Federal Modern Slavery Bill for businesses stakeholders ...

International Arbitration - Australian courts' power to grant interim freezing orders
Insight 02 Nov 2018

The WA Court of Appeal has taken an expansive view of the power that Australian courts have to grant interim orders in support of international arbitrations. ...

A development from the English Court of Appeal regarding legal professional privilege in internal investigations
Insight 02 Oct 2018

In a recent judgment the English Court of Appeal reversed a controversial High Court decision that had severely limited the application of legal professional privilege in internal investigations under English law The decision has consequences for Australian corporates conducting cross-border ...

The Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme - from Bill to Law
Insight 10 Sep 2018

The Federal Government recently passed the Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme Act This is an entirely new regulatory scheme that will require persons who undertake activities on behalf of a foreign government or political organisation to register with the Attorney Generals Department if those ...

Corporate governance beyond shareholder interests
Insight 14 Aug 2018

The proposed 4th edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Principles amp Recommendations includes substantial changes to Principle 3 Instil the desired culture to focus squarely on social licence to operate with stronger reference to stakeholders beyond shareholders and specific recommendations on ...

Linklaters Insights: A Cross-Border Guide to Joint Ventures
Insight 27 Jul 2018

This Cross-Border Guide considers questions that commonly arise on joint venture deals and how they can be resolved in 26 jurisdictions While no two joint venture deals are the same we hope this is a useful guide to some of the main features of doing cross-border deals ...