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CDR: What's next?
Insight 10 Sep 2018

The release of the exposure draft of the CDR legislation marks the start of a tight turnaround in order for the legislation to be passed in March 2019, particularly as the details and associated ...

Video: UN's Big Data-Open Data consultation process: Insights from Professor Joseph Cannataci, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy
Insight 27 Aug 2018

Partner Partner Michael Park We recently had the privilege of catching up with Professor Joseph Cannataci, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy, to discuss the UN's Big Data–Open Data consultation process. Watch the video ...

Breaking - Australian Government releases draft decryption legislation
Insight 15 Aug 2018

The Australian Government has released draft legislation to provide national security and law enforcement agencies with means to access encrypted communications and devices. The draft legislation ...

Video: Inclusion & Diversity: Interview with Diane Jurgens, Chief Technology Officer at BHP
Insight 15 Aug 2018

Partner Partner Valeska Bloch Allens knows diversity makes businesses more innovative. We talked to Diane Jurgens, Chief Technology Officer at BHP, about the role that inclusion and diversity play in innovation and transformation, ...

New Zealand tightens its belt on high-calorie advertising to youth
Insight 22 Jul 2018

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority has been enforcing a new code since October 2017 that governs all advertising targeted to children and young people. It outlines specific rules for ...

Rethinking ‘natural’ history
Insight 22 Jul 2018

Is there more than one reason to call a product ‘natural’? The Full Court of the Federal Court thinks so, overturning Justice Katzmann’s finding that it is misleading to describe a product as ...

Beverage get-up round-up
Insight 22 Jul 2018

Recent Federal Court beverage cases illustrate the challenges involved in protecting and enforcing secondary marks on food and beverage product packaging. We review two cases serving as cautionary ...

How will the food & groceries market adjust to the rise of digital platforms?
Insight 22 Jul 2018

Digital platforms, such as Amazon, have the potential to transform the food and grocery industry. The amended misuse of market power provision aims to protect smaller competitors without stifling ...

Vietnam issues a stringent new cybersecurity law
Insight 22 Jun 2018

A new law in Vietnam enabling state control of cyber data will have wide-ranging implications for business costs and compliance. The powers it gives to the Government are extensive, and its coverag ...

One click from meltdown - cyber attacks on critical infrastructure
Insight 03 May 2018

Security experts have been predicting for some time that as critical infrastructure networks become 'smarter, more automated and more connected', they will also become more vulnerable to cyber ...