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Code breakers - Australian Government flags forced decryption reforms
Insight 03 May 2018

The Australian Government continues to stoke controversy with its mooted reforms to encryption laws which would seek to provide law enforcement agencies with access to encrypted communications and information While little detail as to the shape that the reforms will ultimately take has been provided ...

One click from meltdown - cyber attacks on critical infrastructure
Insight 03 May 2018

Security experts have been predicting for some time that as critical infrastructure networks become smarter more automated and more connected they will also become more vulnerable to cyber threats Reports last week of extensive attacks on critical infrastructure by hackers associated with the ...

Move to require big banks' participation in comprehensive credit reporting
Insight 23 Feb 2018

The Federal Government has introduced draft legislation to establish a long-awaited mandatory comprehensive credit reporting regime for the major banks from 1 July 2018 Partner Gavin Smith Senior Associate Emily Cravigan and Lawyer Dougald Coulson report ...

Federal Government review into Open Banking
Insight 14 Feb 2018

The Federal Government has released its much anticipated Review into Open Banking in Australia The Review makes 50 sweeping recommendations to implement Open Banking including a new regulatory framework under which the regime would operate in the broader context of a new Consumer Data Right for all ...

Linklaters Insights: European Commission reaffirms tough stance on loyalty inducing rebates
Insight 14 Feb 2018

After a two-and-a-half year investigation the European Commission has imposed a euro997 million fine on Qualcomm for illegally shutting out rivals from the market for LTE baseband chipsets using significant payments to an important customer Apple in return for exclusivity ...

OAIC concludes investigation into Precedent Communications
Insight 22 Jan 2018

The OAIC has concluded its investigation into Precedent Communications following a massive data breach that rocked the Australian Red Cross Blood Service ...

Should you pay a cyber criminal's ransom?
Insight 22 Jan 2018

With ransomware attacks affecting six out of 10 Australian organisations1 businesses are being forced to decide whether to concede to the ransom demands of cyber criminals in order to regain access to critical data However with no guarantee that payment of a ransom will release their data businesses ...

Ransomware: The year in review
Insight 22 Jan 2018

Ransomware is big business as cyber criminals increasingly transition from a business model focused on the theft of data to one predicated on extortion Remarkably however the use of malicious software to elicit a financial benefit is not new with the first recorded outbreak of ransomware occurring ...

Spotlight: (almost) everything you need to know about ransomware
Insight 22 Jan 2018

Almost half of all companies experienced at least one cyber ransom incident in 2016 - either a ransomware attack or a ransom denial-of-service attack That same year ransomware attacks cost businesses more than US1 billion worldwide1 a figure expected to reach US5 billion in 2017 and exceed US115 ...

The Australian Cyber Security Centre's 2017 Threat Report
Insight 22 Jan 2018

The Australian Cyber Security Centre's 2017 Threat Report addresses the current challenges and emerging trends confronting Australia's digital landscape. ...