BTR is pivotal to Australia's housing future

The role BTR will play

Over the next four years, the population of the eastern seaboard is set to increase by 1,500,000 (more than the size of Adelaide) as a result of net overseas migration. Clearly, BTR has moved from a 'nice-to-have' market that could fill a demand for premium rentals, to a 'must-have' product that's critical to alleviating Australia's housing crisis and ensuring the future liveability of our cities.

Migration to test Australia’s property markets – 4 million new residents over the next decade


Growing BTR pipeline

BTR is one of the levers that can assist with this population growth. The national BTR pipeline has picked up pace in the first half of 2023 to reach a cumulative total of 45,000 units, which is anticipated to equate to approximately $16B in investment in new rental housing supply.

To date, Melbourne has attracted about half of this pipeline investment. As the fastest growing and soon-to-be largest city in Australia (by population), increasing housing supply here makes sense. However, the housing supply issue is a national problem. We need the right policies to encourage more supply across Australia to ensure each city has a growing BTR pipeline.

National BTR pipeline 



Main BTR pipeline investment destinations to date