Where to from here?

Continuing to build on strong foundations

BTR is now a crucial tool in tackling Australia's housing crisis. It is critical that we continue to build on the strong foundations that have been laid, keep investments flowing and avoid a 'two steps forward, one step back' trajectory.

Even relatively conservative numbers put the requirement for annual dwelling investment at around $62bn each year to meet housing demand growth over the next decade. To date, the cumulative pipeline of BTR housing that's been committed to equates to around $16bn.

This clearly reinforces the scale of the broader challenge ahead for Australia. BTR is on an upswing on the back of recent efforts to support growth. However, the volume of investment in BTR to date would need to quadruple to supply even one year of Australia's housing demand growth. 

In the global race for housing investment, it is imperative there are no brakes applied to BTR, whether at a state or national level.

Cumulative BTR investment compared to annual and total national housing investment required


Annual housing investment requirement and cumulative BTR pipeline to date

19750D BTR 2023_table-2.png