Australian infrastructure Investment Report 2023

By David Donnelly, Kip Fitzsimon
Dealmakers & Investors Energy Environmental, Social & Governance Infrastructure & Transport Renewable Energy

The current state of Australia's infrastructure market as appetite for investment in the energy transition reaches new heights. 5 min read

We have joined forces with Infrastructure Partnerships Australia to survey industry leaders and undertake an analysis to provide a clearer understanding of the industry and the key priorities ahead.

The report finds appetite for renewable energy asset classes is reaching its highest level on record. Meanwhile, opportunities for private capital in transport are dwindling, with investor appetite across all transport asset classes reaching record lows.

Key takeaways

  • Australia remains an attractive destination, but is slipping further behind overseas markets:
    • 92 per cent of investors are highly likely to invest or continue to invest in Australian infrastructure.
    • 96 per cent say Australia’s strong knowledge of market participants and track record for infrastructure business makes Australia an attractive investment destination.
    • Australia fell further behind North America this year in terms of having the most attractive investment opportunities.
  • Demand pressures and supply constraints continue to affect delivery:
    • 88 per cent agree the Australian infrastructure market is facing capacity constraints.
  • Investor appetite to buy into the energy transition is accelerating:
    • 76 per cent of participants identified renewable generation as an attractive asset class.

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