Profile of Susan Webster

Susan Webster

Legal Technology Senior Manager, MBA, Dip Business Programming

About Susan Webster

Susan is a Legal Technology Manager with special emphasis on litigation and arbitration. Susan has 14 years' experience in the legal technology industry and an additional 7 years prior experience with a government prosecution agency. She is also a certified Agile Project Management practitioner.

Susan’s experience includes managing substantial Integrated Legal Solutions teams on large-scale complex regulatory, litigation and international arbitration matters.

Susan works closely with legal teams to provide consulting advice in relation to document collection, early case assessment, culling, document review strategies and document production for both discovery and regulatory matters. She has extensive experience with the use of predictive coding to reduce review time and cost and isolate relevant documents quickly.

In the last five years major class action matters have been a particular focus, for large financial services, construction and logistics clients. Given her emphasis on litigation, Susan also has also wide experience in trial preparation and the conduct of electronic trials.