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Sachin hits Spartan for six
Insight 25 Jun 2020

The dispute between Sachin Tendulkar and Australian bat-maker Spartan Sports over a breach of a sponsorship agreement has ended with Spartan paying a hefty settlement sum, cancelling valuable trade marks and delivering a public apology. This case shows the risks of public disputes with high-profile celebrities. ...

Upcoming review of Australia’s patents system
Insight 25 Jun 2020

The Australian Government has launched a review of the accessibility of patents for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), which follows the phasing-out of the innovation patent system in Australia. ...

AI inventorship knocked down in US
Insight 25 Jun 2020

Australia is yet to decide whether AI can be validly named as inventor on patent applications. However, given the EPO, UKIPO and now USPTO decisions relating to DABUS, it seems increasingly likely that legislative amendment will be needed to permit AI inventorship. ...

Lessons from the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2020
Insight 25 Jun 2020

The Office of the Chief Economist of IP Australia published its flagship annual publication, the Australian Intellectual Property Report 2020. The report identifies some key trends, which will assist businesses' understanding of current trends in IP filings in Australia. ...

Decision on Love is (up) in the Air
Insight 25 Jun 2020

Music duo Glass Candy and airline Air France were found to have infringed the copyright in the iconic 'Love is in the Air' with the songs 'Warm in the Winter' and 'France is in the Air'. With a number of issues unresolved, this remains a case to watch. ...

The PROOF is in the pudding? Using WIPO's new digital evidence tool to strengthen your IP rights
Insight 25 Jun 2020

WIPO PROOF - WIPO's new service can be used to prove the existence and contents of a digital file at a given time. ...

COVID-19™ – will coronavirus-related trade marks and patent pooling be part of the new normal?
Insight 25 Jun 2020

No COVID-19 related trade marks have yet been registered in Australia; however, several applications are pending, and at least one mark containing the word COVID has been accepted for registration. ...

Superannuation, funds and insurance sector reforms: the year ahead in 2020 and beyond
Insight 23 Jun 2020

As the dust settles on a raft of COVID-19 related disruptions to various proposed legislative and regulatory reforms, the Allens team takes stock of the current regulatory reform proposals in the superannuation, funds and insurance sectors which have been mooted for the tail end of 2020 and early 2021. ...

RG 272 – bringing order through product intervention
Insight 23 Jun 2020

Following its consultation in June last year, ASIC has now published RG 272, setting out ASIC's approach to using its product intervention powers. In this update, we examine the scope of this power and the accompanying regulatory guidance. ...

Annual members' meetings for superannuation funds – physical, electronic hybrid or virtual?
Insight 23 Jun 2020

In May, the Federal Treasurer used emergency powers to temporarily modify the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) to facilitate the holding of public company shareholder meetings virtually, without any attendees required to be physically present. We take a look at the SIS Act requirements, ASIC statements, and the implications for holding members' meeting in the current environment. ...