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Ransomware: The year in review
Insight 22 Jan 2018

Ransomware is big business as cyber criminals increasingly transition from a business model focused on the theft of data to one predicated on extortion Remarkably however the use of malicious software to elicit a financial benefit is not new with the first recorded outbreak of ransomware occurring ...

Spotlight: (almost) everything you need to know about ransomware
Insight 22 Jan 2018

Almost half of all companies experienced at least one cyber ransom incident in 2016 - either a ransomware attack or a ransom denial-of-service attack That same year ransomware attacks cost businesses more than US1 billion worldwide1 a figure expected to reach US5 billion in 2017 and exceed US115 ...

The Australian Cyber Security Centre's 2017 Threat Report
Insight 22 Jan 2018

The Australian Cyber Security Centre's 2017 Threat Report addresses the current challenges and emerging trends confronting Australia's digital landscape. ...

The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review - Edition 4
Insight 19 Jan 2018

Allens Partner Michael Morris authored the Australia chapter of The Privacy Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review The year ahead is likely to bring increased attention to connected devices autonomous vehicles artificial intelligence machine learning big-data analytics and predictive ...

Using third party brands in video games: issues and opportunities
Insight 11 Dec 2017

One of the emerging battlegrounds for brand owners is video games, particularly with the growth of virtual reality applications. A recent claim made in the US illustrates how having your brand featured in a video game can be a problem - but depending on the circumstances, it could also present a com ...

What you need to know about mandatory data breach notification
Insight 11 Dec 2017

In response to the rising number of cyberattacks, new legislation has been introduced that proposes a mandatory notification regime that will take effect from February next year. ...

Ambush marketing: traders beware!
Insight 11 Dec 2017

Everyone knows the famous adage that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. But can the friend of my friend be my enemy? In the context of ambush marketing, the answer can be yes. ...

Room for Improvement? Big Data challenges in Health
Insight 11 Dec 2017

'Big data' is revolutionising approaches in all major industries, including the health sector, but Australia's current privacy framework lacks flexibility, and there is insufficient guidance to support compliance. Associate Nick Li looks at the challenges in improving patient care and research outco ...

Reasonable belief or a mere suspicion? Full Court lowers the bar on preliminary discovery applications
Insight 11 Dec 2017

The Full Federal Court has handed down a significant decision on preliminary discovery in a result that will be welcomed by IP owners, as the court has clarified the requirements for a successful preliminary discovery application while emphasising the need for such applications to be met with brevit ...