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Key energy focus areas

Australia's energy market is transforming. This transition is inspiring as we look to a greener energy future, but getting there will involve significant change in terms of regulation, the generation mix and the network infrastructure which underpins the system. ...

The new 'fit-for-purpose' electricity system – four critical reforms
Insight 11 May 2021

The uptake of small and large-scale renewable energy, and the growth of demand-side technologies, has necessitated a new, fit-for-purpose electricity system that can recognise and respond to the changing energy landscape. In this insight, we discuss the key changes from the ESB. ...

Transitioning towards a renewable future
Insight 21 Apr 2021

Achieving the target of net zero remains at the forefront for the energy industry. As we increase investment in renewables and look for ways to improve efficiencies, new challenges emerge. Helpfully, there are a range of mitigation and management strategies that can be put in place to reduce risk and smooth the transition. In this Insight we outline some of those practical steps, including ones specifically geared towards managing or avoiding potential disputes during the development stages of a project. ...

Proposed Design and Place SEPP – creating further complexity in our planning system?
Insight 06 Apr 2021

The Explanation of Intended Effect for the proposed Design and Place SEPP, presently on public exhibition, signals major change to the assessment requirements for all development in NSW. Improving design outcomes in the built environment is important, but will the proposed SEPP be the right vehicle to achieve this objective, or will it add another layer to an already complex planning system? ...

Renewables in Vietnam
Insight 28 Jan 2021

The demand for electricity in Vietnam is rising rapidly to power the growing economy. Forecasts predict an annual growth rate for  electricity of ‘near-double’ digits in the years to come. We provide an overview of the Vietnamese renewable energy market and discuss recent developments. ...

Linklaters Insight: Japan Offshore Wind (3rd Edition)
Insight 15 Sep 2020

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the offshore wind industry in Japan recently achieved several significant milestones. Download the latest report from our global partner, Linklaters. ...

Report: Vietnam offshore wind - where to from here?
Insight 03 Jun 2020

A brief overview of the Vietnam wind market, the opportunities and challenges, as well as key legal considerations investors need to be aware of when investing in offshore wind in Vietnam. ...

Renewables in Vietnam
Insight 29 May 2020

The demand for electricity in Vietnam is rising rapidly to power the growing economy. Forcasts predict an annual growth rate for electricity of 'near-double' digits in the years to come. To keep pace with demand, the Government has envisioned substantial expansion to the national power generation ca ...

Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper: it's all about where to direct public funds
Insight 28 May 2020

In the recently released Technology Investment Roadmap Discussion Paper, the Federal Government puts forward a proposed framework to govern the investment of public funds in the development of new technologies designed to lower emissions. ...

Transforming the WA energy market
Insight 15 May 2020

In WA, the development of distributed energy resources (DER) technologies and new business models that weren’t contemplated by the current regulatory regime can pose safety and security issues to the South West Interconnected System. The WA Government has addressed these and other issues through various work streams delivered (and anticipated) in 2020, paving the way for a new-look energy future. ...