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Queensland resources sector update: budget announcements and recent reforms
Insight 12 Jun 2024

In this Insight, we explore the key initiatives and funding announced in the budget as well as recent legislative and policy reforms across the sector. ...

Fuel for thought: is SAF the safe bet?
Insight 29 Sep 2023

In this Insight , we look at the challenge posed by the Aviation Green Paper ( the Paper ) for the Australian aviation sector to lead the transition to net zero. Released on 7 September 2023, the ...

Federal Government to underwrite 1 GW of green hydrogen projects
Insight 19 Jul 2023

The government has recently released the Hydrogen Headstart program and a consultation paper on the review of the National Hydrogen Strategy. In this Insight, we provide an overview of these consultation papers and the key takeaways for the hydrogen industry. ...

Australia's hydrogen industry is progressing, but not fast enough
Insight 16 May 2023

We outline the key takeaways for the hydrogen industry from the 2023-24 Federal Budget, the Hydrogen Report and the Infrastructure Report, and provide an overview of the new emissions calculator. ...

Putting a price on hydrogen
Insight 09 Aug 2022

As the hydrogen industry begins to grow from pilot to commercial-scale projects, developers are starting to look to project finance and government funding to help pay for the mega-projects required for full commercialisation of Australia's hydrogen industry. ...

Financing the green hydrogen revolution – key bankability issues
Insight 31 May 2022

Developers and financiers will need to take a long-term view on the market and navigate a myriad of bankability issues to secure external bank debt. In this Insight we explore some of these key challenges. ...

Transporting hydrogen via existing gas pipelines potentially a step closer
Insight 16 May 2022

Since our last update on 18 October 2021, significant progress has been made in the ongoing review of the National Gas Regulatory Framework. The latest proposed amendments open the door for renewable generated gases to be transported and sold using existing pipeline infrastructure. ...

The next frontier: challenges and developments in the transport of hydrogen in bulk
Insight 27 Apr 2022

Hydrogen export presents a significant opportunity for Australia. However, there are challenges associated with bulk hydrogen transport that need to be overcome before the industry can take off. This Insight provides an update on some recent developments in transporting hydrogen by sea, and the work being done on the rules around road transport of hydrogen in bulk. ...

The down low on hydrogen policy and regulation in Australia
Insight 13 Apr 2022

We consider the current policy and regulatory landscapes governing the hydrogen industry in the Australian Environmental Review's special edition on hydrogen (first published in vol 36(6) of the Australian Environment Review). ...

The many roads to hydrogen - making sense of Australia's scattered policy environment
Insight 08 Mar 2022

Developing a successful hydrogen industry requires appropriate policies, regulations, and incentives at both national and state levels. All Australian state and territory governments, as well as the federal government, have now released strategies for the development of a hydrogen industry – and many are providing significant financial incentives to kick-start it. ...