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Metaverse, VR and AR: what you need to know
Insight 29 Jun 2023

The digital world is rapidly transforming and, with the metaverse and other virtual technologies coming to prominence, this transformation is only going to accelerate. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses need to understand what's ahead, the coming changes and what these mean in practice. ...

Takeaways from the Optus and Medibank data breach class actions
Insight 07 Jun 2023

In this Insight, we examine the common elements that form the basis for the pleadings, some emerging issues and the practical steps that corporate Australia should be taking now to reduce their class action risk. ...

A close look at Vietnam's first consolidated personal data protection regulation
Insight 01 Jun 2023

From 1 July 2023, Vietnam's first ever consolidated Personal Data Protection Decree (PDPD) will take effect. In this Insight, we take a close look at the key provisions of the PDPD and its impacts on businesses. ...

Ever-expanding jurisdiction: Clearview AI's appeal and extra-territorial application of the Privacy Act
Insight 29 May 2023

A landmark ruling in Australia confirms that Clearview AI breached the Privacy Act despite lacking a physical presence or supplying products or services in the country, emphasising the extraterritorial reach of privacy laws and the consequences for companies. ...

AI Governance Toolkit for General Counsel and Boards
Insight 24 May 2023

We believe companies need to start applying guardrails to AI development, use and deployment, but we understand that it can be hard to know where and how to start. That's why we've developed an AI Governance Toolkit for General Counsel and Boards, to help companies manage their AI risk. ...

'A ticking time bomb': limitations in cyber cover for known vulnerabilities and end-of-life hardware
Insight 18 May 2023

Insurers heavily scrutinise organisations' ability to prevent, anticipate and withstand cyber-attacks when deciding whether or not to offer cyber insurance. This Insight explains what known vulnerabilities are; the approach commonly adopted by insurers; and what you can do to mitigate the risk. ...

The AI-generated picture becomes clearer: key legal considerations emerging for generative AI developers and their customers
Insight 17 May 2023

With rapid developments, it is proving increasingly difficult to stay across the full range of implications for the use and regulation of generative AI tools. This Insight is intended to provide an update on the developments in generative. ...

Budget update: priorities for privacy, cyber and digital
Insight 11 May 2023

We summarise the key takeaways from the Budget and provide some clarity on what it means for the industry moving forward. ...

Digital horizons: harnessing the future of technology

Technology is driving a major transformation. The opportunities you seize and the risks you mitigate now will determine your business' future. ...

Five questions on the minds of future-focused in-house counsel
Insight 06 Mar 2023

In this Insight, we explore what’s front of mind for innovative legal professionals and share some practical examples of what leading legal functions are doing to improve legal service delivery in their organisations. ...