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Special Report: Understanding the opportunities and navigating the legal frameworks of distributed ledger technology and blockchain
Insight 17 Jun 2016

Authored by a multidisciplinary team from Allens Blockchain Reaction is designed to assist business stakeholders decision makers and in-house counsel across a variety of sectors to understand the technology and how it is being used as well as navigate the regulatory and legal opportunities and ...

Predictive coding: the future of electronic document production?
Insight 25 Feb 2016

A recent decision of the English High Court may pave the way for the use of predictive coding in large scale discovery and regulatory investigations in Australia Partners Nick Rudge and Duncan Travis Managing Associate Kate Austin and Associate Emily Giblin look at the benefits and risks of the new ...

Patent examination guidelines in the wake of Myriad
Insight 18 Dec 2015

Following public consultation on proposed examination guidelines issued on 16 October 2015 the Commissioner of Patents has established a revised examination practice taking into account the High Courts decision in emDArcy v Myriad Genetics Incem Dr Trevor Davies Partner at Allens Patent amp Trade ...

Government rejigs electronic health records system with opt-out approach
Insight 21 Oct 2015

The Federal Governments electronic health records system may have a new lease on life following the introduction of a new Bill that attempts to improve the systems effectiveness with key changes such as the transition to an opt-out approach Partner Ian McGill Senior Associate Phil OSullivan and ...

Not quite business as usual - IP Australia takes pragmatic view of Myriad
Insight 19 Oct 2015

IP Australia has taken a pragmatic approach to the Myriad decision that will give comfort to Australias biotechnology industry and research organisations that they can continue to carry out biological RD and be able to obtain patent protection for innovation in Australia Partner Dr Trevor Davies ...

High Court unanimously finds isolated genetic material not patentable
Insight 08 Oct 2015

In the culmination of a hard-fought patent dispute the High Court of Australia has unanimously ruled that Myriad Genetics patent claims to isolated nucleic acid coding for the mutant or polymorphic BRCA1 polypeptide are not valid ...

Audio: D'Arcy v Myriad: The High Court rules on gene patenting
Insight 07 Oct 2015

Allens Partner Dr Trevor Davies discusses why the High Court overturned the decision and what it means for the biotech industry ...

Isolated genetic material confirmed as patentable
Insight 12 Sep 2014

In a unanimous decision the Full Federal Court has confirmed that genetic materials in their isolated form remain patentable in Australia The decision related to an appeal from an earlier Federal Court decision in which it was found isolated nucleic acids to be a manner of manufacture as required by ...

The ending point for 'starting point'
Insight 01 Sep 2014

The Full Federal Court has published its much-anticipated judgment in the AstraZeneca v Apotex appeal A bench of five judges heard the appeal in contrast to the usual three judges in order to be able to clarify or overrule if appropriate an earlier Full Court decision relating to the correct test ...

Allens insights: Implementation of Australia's PCEHR system reviewed
Insight 11 Aug 2014

At the end of 2013 the Federal Minister for Health announced a panel review into Australias Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record PCEHR system to consider implementation and uptake issues The subsequent report made public in May 2014 puts forward 38 recommendations to address the issues ...