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How ipso facto provisions (and exemptions) affect project finance - both good and bad news
Insight 05 Sep 2018

This Insight examines some of the key issues arising out of the new ipso facto contracts regime which came into effect on 1 July 2018 ...

Construction contracts and the new 'ipso facto' insolvency reforms
Insight 01 Jun 2018

New insolvency legislation that is designed to provide greater opportunities to restructure failing businesses both before and during external administration has recently been passed ...

International Comparative Legal Guide to Project Finance 2018 - Australia
Insight 25 May 2018

Partners Ben Farnsworth and Michael Ryan outline the main trends and significant developments in Australian project finance Among other factors they discuss restrictions on foreign investment bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings tax and political risk in relation to changes in law ...

Trustee insolvency - the Full Federal Court weighs in to the debate
Insight 29 Mar 2018

The Full Federal court released its decision in Jones (Liquidator) v Matrix Partners Pty Ltd that trust assets should be applied first in paying employees and other statutory preferred creditors. ...

Statutory priority of secured creditors and trustee insolvency: implications of Re Amerind appeal decision
Insight 13 Mar 2018

Implications of Re Amerind appeal decision has been widely welcomed by insolvency practitioners and others, as it brought some clarity to the question of whether the statutory order of priority applies to trust creditors. ...

Rising from the ashes - Treasury seeks input on combating illegal phoenix activity
Insight 06 Oct 2017

Keeping up the momentum from the recent passing of its insolvent trading safe harbour and ipso facto legislation the Federal Treasury has released a consultation paper containing a package of reforms to deter and disrupt illegal phoenix activity Partner Alf Pappalardo and Lawyer Belinda Hennessy ...

A class divide? The Boart Longyear creditors' scheme
Insight 29 May 2017

The NSW Court of Appeal has considered whether different groups of secured creditors should be placed into separate classes for the purposes of voting on a proposed creditors scheme of arrangement ...

Amendments to PPS lease law - what you need to know
Insight 22 May 2017

This Insight considers the effect of amendments to the Personal Property Securities regime, which are designed to reduce the PPSAs impact on the equipment hiring industry. ...

Ipso facto clauses, safe harbour for directors - our comments on the draft exposure legislation
Insight 10 Apr 2017

The Federal Government has released draft exposure legislation designed to facilitate company reconstructions Senior Finance Counsel Diccon Loxton Senior Associate Alicia Salvo and Associate Frances Navarro-Towan discuss some of the implications and issues ...

A step closer to industry funding of ASIC
Insight 07 Apr 2017

Last week the Federal Government moved another step closer to implementing an industry funding model for the recovery of ASICs costs by introducing the ASIC Supervisory Cost Recovery Levy Bill 2017 as well as two related Bills into Parliament These Bills implement the recommendations of the ...