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Report: National Electricity & Gas Rules Update: August 2018
Insight 01 Sep 2018

In this update we track the progress of rule changes during August and also examine the upcoming reforms that will introduce a consumer data right to the energy sector ...

Competition in electricity and financial services markets - common issues, common solutions?
Insight 30 Aug 2018

The level of competition in both the electricity and financial services sectors has been closely scrutinised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Productivity Commission While there are fundamental differences in market structures in both sectors the respective commissions ...

Solar farm wins court approval despite conflicts with planning schemes
Insight 27 Aug 2018

The Queensland Planning and Environment Court has approved a solar farm located on good quality agricultural land despite high level conflicts between the proposed development and the provisions of the relevant planning schemes Partner Bill McCredie and Special Counsel Rosanne Meurling review the ...

National Energy Guarantee on hold in favour of interventionist powers
Insight 21 Aug 2018

In a sharp turnaround over the weekend the Government announced yesterday it would not introduce the emissions component of the National Energy Guarantee into Parliament but instead would focus on delivering greater powers to intervene in electricity markets to protect customers from the effects of ...

National Energy Guarantee moves to the next stage
Insight 15 Aug 2018

The COAG Energy Council has voted to progress the development of the National Energy Guarantee by approving the release of the draft National Electricity Law amendments. This Insight considers the next steps towards its implementation. ...

ACCC's recommendations for encouraging consumer engagement
Insight 07 Aug 2018

The ACCC has identified consumer disengagement as a key issue of concern in the retail electricity market and formulated a number of proposals designed to encourage consumer engagement and switching as a way to drive competition We look at the key recommendations ...

ACCC proposes default retail prices
Insight 07 Aug 2018

A major recommendation in the ACCCs Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry Final Report is to abolish standing offers and replace them with an obligation on retailers to supply at a price no higher than the level determined by the Australian Energy Regulator to be known as the default offer The ACCC ...

ACCC's plan to lower network costs for consumers
Insight 07 Aug 2018

The ACCCs Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry Final Report includes a number of recommendations to lower network costs for consumers We take a look at the ACCCs concerns and recommendations for reform ...

ACCC re-affirms concerns about the impact of gas sector issues on electricity prices
Insight 07 Aug 2018

The ACCCs Retail Electricity Pricing Inquiry Final Report raises concerns regarding the impact of gas sector issues on wholesale electricity prices in the National Electricity Market Many of the ACCCs concerns echo those raised in the ACCCs ongoing inquiry into gas supply arrangements in Australia ...

ACCC wants changes to the National Electricity Market
Insight 07 Aug 2018

The ACCC recommends changes be made to the structure of ownership of generation assets and incentives in place regarding bidding and generation investment We examine the operation of the National Electricity Market why the ACCC is concerned about market concentration and their recommendations for ...