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Coming this spring: ACCC to monitor large merchants' payment surcharges
Insight 02 Jun 2016

The Reserve Bank has now released a Standard which sets out what payment surcharges will be permitted for the purposes of the new Part IVC of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Cth The aim of the Standard is to improve competition and efficiency by providing to consumers price signals associated ...

A reprieve for ASIC and APRA ... but not for the FCA
Insight 02 Jun 2016

ASIC and APRA often cop flak from various quarters including from us and so today for something different we train our sights on the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK What the FCA has said about providing personal advice to retail clients is interesting debatable and likely to induce a strong ...

Australia and Singapore enter into Comprehensive Strategic Partnership
Insight 17 May 2016

The Australian and Singaporean governments have recently concluded discussions on a landmark agreement that will see the two countries cooperating across a range of strategic initiatives including in the areas of trade and economics innovation education people and defence The Comprehensive Strategic ...

Personal Property Security regime commences in PNG
Insight 10 May 2016

The commencement of the Personal Property Security regime means important changes to the way companies transact business in Papua New Guinea Partner Karla Fraser and Senior Associate Sarah Kuman report ...

ASIC getting a bigger toolkit sooner than expected
Insight 04 May 2016

In its response to the capability review into ASIC the Federal Government has made a commitment to accelerate the implementation of a product intervention power for ASIC and the product design and distribution obligations for the financial services industry but it left to one side some other ...

New ASIC funding - looking beyond the headlines
Insight 04 May 2016

Along with the public release of the ASIC Capability Review Report the Government announced a suite of reforms giving ASIC additional but targeted funding and has also sought to remove some of the shackles on hiring it believes may be hindering ASICs ability to recruit top talent At the same time ...

A long time coming: The Retirement Income Streams Review Report
Insight 04 May 2016

Going into the 2013 election the present Government promised a review of the regulatory framework for retirement income streams Today the Government finally released its report It has been a long time coming And while the main outcome - a new category of tax effective pensions and annuities - will ...

'Tough cop' ASIC vs a Royal Commission
Insight 04 May 2016

Has talk of a royal commission turned the ASIC Capability Review into an unlikely catalyst for an enhanced enforcement agenda With Labor pushing hard for a royal commission into the banking and financial services industry and an election looming the Government moved swiftly to announce broad reform ...

'Chain of Responsibility' amendments impose new environmental obligations in Queensland
Insight 28 Apr 2016

The Queensland Parliament has passed the Chain of Responsibility Bill with important amendments prior to enactment The amending Act establishes a new regime under the States primary environmental legislation that exposes related bodies corporate executive officers financiers shareholders and a ...

Court accepts market-based causation
Insight 21 Apr 2016

Perhaps the most important unanswered question in Australian class action law has been how causation may be established in a shareholder class action After more than a decade of uncertainty the Supreme Court of NSW has ruled that shareholders can prove causation by establishing that the price of the ...