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Franchisors beware: pecuniary penalties wash Geowash clean
Insight 26 Feb 2020

In the recent Federal Court decision of ACCC v Geowash Pty Ltd (Subject to a Deed of Company Arrangement) (No 4) [2020] FCA 23, Justice Colvin imposed significant pecuniary penalties on a franchisor as well as its sole director and national franchising manager for unfair dealings with franchisees. ...

TGA guidance on the promotion of stem cells and HCT products
Insight 10 Dec 2019

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued advertising guidance for businesses involved with stems cells and other human cell or tissue products. ...

TGA guidance on the promotion of medicinal cannabis
Insight 25 Nov 2019

The Therapeutic Goods Administration ( TGA ) has issued guidance on advertising to the public for businesses involved with medicinal cannabis products and therapies. Along with advertising ...

'Bordering on impossible' that husband and wife duo were independent contractors
Insight 01 Nov 2017

The Federal Court decided that a husband and wife who worked from home and sometimes outsourced their work were employees instead of independent contractors, making the employer guilty of sham contracting, underpayments and other breaches. ...

Damages for employer's repudiation of employment contract
Insight 01 Nov 2017

The Victorian Supreme Court has awarded a former executive $423,445 in damages after the employer repudiated his employment contract. ...

Increased responsibility for franchisors under new laws
Insight 01 Nov 2017

From 27 October 2017, franchisors may be liable if their franchisees contravene certain workplace laws. Senior Associate Chloe Wilton reports on practical steps that franchisors can take to reduce the risk of being held liable under these new laws. ...

Court enforces four-year restraint
Insight 01 Nov 2017

A court has enforced a four-year restraint of trade clause in a business sale contract, preventing a part-time employee from taking up employment with a competitor after selling his stake in the business. ...

Summary dismissal for theft found to be unfair
Insight 01 Nov 2017

A recent decision of the Fair Work Commission has highlighted the importance of ensuring that the decision to summarily terminate an employee's employment is proportionate to their misconduct. ...

Vulnerable Workers Bill passes into law
Insight 08 Sep 2017

Franchisors and holding companies should be aware that they can be held liable for breaches of employment law by their franchisees and subsidiaries when the Vulnerable Workers Bill which has passed both Houses of Parliament receives royal assent Partner Veronica Siow and Lawyer Roseanna Bricknell ...

Franchisors and holding companies liable under Vulnerable Workers Bill
Insight 02 Mar 2017

The Federal Government has introduced a Bill that will make franchisors liable for breaches of employment law by franchisees Partner Simon Dewberry and Managing Associate Andrew Stirling report ...