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Royal Commission update
Insight 15 May 2018

Written by Partner Andrew Maher The hearings in the Financial Services Royal Commission have been compulsory viewing, not only for financial services industry participants and their regulators and professional service providers. The ...

Backing up the backups - a practical guide to cyber insurance
Insight 03 May 2018

A common complaint from industry is that cyber insurance products are complicated, unclear, difficult to compare and have carve-outs that you could drive a monster truck through. The cyber insuranc ...

ASIC's sanctions and powers to be strengthened
Insight 23 Apr 2018

The Federal Government has announced that it proposes to strengthen ASIC's powers, and to increase the severity of penalties (civil and criminal) that can be imposed on individuals and corporations ...

The Royal Commission heats up
Insight 09 Apr 2018

Partner Partner Belinda Thompson Written by Partner Belinda Thompson and Lawyer Shamistha Selvaratnam The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry (Royal Commission) is well ...

Productivity Commission releases draft report on competition in the financial system
Insight 20 Feb 2018

Written by Partner Rosannah Healy, Associate Fiona Sam and Lawyer Nicholas Allingham The Productivity Commission released its draft report on competition in the financial system on 7 February 2018. ...

A Commission of Inquiry - of the Royal, not the Parliamentary, kind
Insight 19 Dec 2017

Michael Mathieson Written by Senior Regulatory Counsel Michael Mathieson Since the announcement of the Royal Commission into, ahem, financial services, much has been written and said – a lot of which suggests that little attention is ...

Attorney-General announces class action inquiry
Insight 18 Dec 2017

The Attorney-General has announced that he has asked the Australian Law Reform Commission to inquire into class action proceedings and third party litigation funders. The inquiry presents an ...

Updated guidance on conflicted remuneration and other banned benefits
Insight 07 Dec 2017

Earlier today, ASIC released an updated version of Regulatory Guide 246, concerning conflicted remuneration and other banned benefits such as volume-based shelf-space fees. The changes are largely ...

Grizzly times ahead for banks
Insight 14 Jul 2017

A consultation paper on the BEAR has been released, confirming the Federal Government’s intention to impose an executive accountability regime on banks and their subsidiaries that follows important ...

ASIC's report on member experience of superannuation - ASIC continues to set a high bar
Insight 06 Jul 2017

Written by Partner Geoff Sanders ASIC Report 529: Member experience of superannuation, released just a day before the Productivity Commission officially sets its sights on assessing the state of th ...