Dawn Raid Response

Quick and easy access to a tailored solution fit for your business and regulatory environments

With increasing levels of scrutiny, regulators are conducting simultaneous raids in a number of countries. Companies need to ensure that their response is rapid and well-co-ordinated.

Those responsible for managing any regulator entry into their premises will want to be fully prepared.

How we can help

Basic solution

If you don’t have internal dawn raid guidelines and don’t need any, we can create a basic solution to suit your needs

Allens Best Practice

If you don’t have internal dawn raid guidelines and would like some, we can provide Allens best practice guidelines along with the customised mobile solution.


If you already have non‑Allens drafted internal dawn raid guidelines, we can customise the solution to suit.

The benefits for your business

Guide your actions during a Dawn Raid by the regulator

Best practice guidance, contact information and checklists on your mobile to access on the move.

Reduce your risk profile with a solution that is tailored to your business

Fit-for-purpose workflow and navigation to suit regulator entry protocol with updates in line with legislative changes.

Ensure your response is well coordinated and consistent with the right legal assistance

Take advantage of our experience to design and implement dawn raid guidelines and procedures for employees to follow, as well as practical training on how to respond