Dawn Raid Response

With increasing levels of scrutiny, regulators are conducting simultaneous raids in a number of countries.

Typically conducted early in the morning (hence 'dawn'), a dawn raid is an unannounced visit from a regulatory agency to enter and search premises, and inspect and seize documents.

Companies need to ensure their on-site employees know the process to follow during an investigation, and that they are able to seek appropriate advice quickly. Those responsible for managing any regulator entry into their premises will need to be fully prepared.

How we can help

Allens' Dawn Raid Response offers guidance on raids by regulators like the ACCC, ATO, ASIC and AFP, through an app that can also be accessed on mobiles. 

We offer three solutions, depending on our client's needs:

Basic solution

Creating a solution for companies that don't have internal dawn raid guidelines.

Allens best practice

Providing our best practice guidelines, along with a customised app to suit client needs.


Customising an app based on our client's own internal dawn raid plans.

Our Dawn Raid solution allows you to respond to any raid by a federal regulator via our step‑by‑step guide—providing best practice guidance, contact information and checklists on your mobile to access on the move. 

Our solution provides:

  • procedures for reception staff and security, response team leaders, IT and digital personnel, and the team shadowing the investigators (shadowers), so every staff member has clear and unambiguous knowledge of the responsibilities related to their role;
  • template communications to inform senior personnel, other office locations and the wider team, so key staff are aware of the situation and can act accordingly;
  • key internal and external contacts so all relevant people can be informed;
  • an easy-to-use digital checklist for shadowers so the raid is well documented; and
  • further guidance on legal professional privilege, warrants and regulator raids.

The benefits for your business

Preparing for a dawn raid and better managing the event as it happens

A best practice step-by-step guide, contact information and checklists on your mobile to guide your actions if you find yourself facing a dawn raid by a regulator.

Reducing your risk profile with a solution that is tailored to your organisation

Fit-for-purpose workflow and navigation to suit regulator entry protocol—updated in line with legislative changes—reducing your risk profile with a solution that is custom-built for your needs.

Ensuring your response is well coordinated and consistent with the right legal assistance

Easy-to-use procedures that ensure your response is well coordinated and consistent with the right legal assistance, as well as practical training on how to respond. 

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