Arnhem Land

Jawun Highlights

Through our partnership with Jawun, a non-profit organisation that works with Indigenous communities, we offer secondment opportunities to Indigenous organisations. Jawun also provides our leadership team with visits to see first-hand the impact our secondees make.

The highlights of Sydney Partner Carolyn Oddie’s trip to Arnhem Land included a visit to the Dhalinybuy Community, a remote Aboriginal area in the Laynahapuy Homelands right at the tip of Australia that is doing its best to create schooling and other opportunities, and to Galinwin’ku, a larger local community that through Miwatch Health is showing the benefits that flow from using Indigenous health workers and leadership.

'We often see negative stories about Aboriginal communities and the problems they face. There are issues but I found it inspiring to see the resilience of communities and the positive impact that Jawun and similar programs have. I felt privileged to represent Allens on this visit,' said Carolyn Oddie.

Liza Greenwood, Innovation Program Manager in our Melbourne office, had a six‑week secondment to North East Arnhem Land, where she worked with Miwatj Employment and Participation, an organisation that helps Indigenous people get ‘job ready’ for when jobs are available. It also organises local activities that benefit the community, such as an op shop that also has a café where people learn skills about running a shopfront, a basket weaving group that sells products to visitors and the community, and a crew that maintains public spaces.

'Jawun was such an incredible learning experience. I got to use the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired at Allens in a creative way and was also, in a small way, able to assist an Indigenous organisation with reaching their goals,' said Liza Greenwood.

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