Food and beverage law bulletin

Class Actions Employment & Safety

Major updates and key developments

Our latest food and beverage law bulletin outlines a number of major updates that will be critical for legal and regulatory teams to be across for the remainder of 2020.

Covered in the report

  1. Sugar and alcohol labels under the microscope, including new requirements for alcoholic beverages to display pregnancy labels
  2. Misleading conduct in relation to the sale and promotion of food products (including health and nutritional claims, credence claims and country of origin), and how to minimise regulatory risk
  3. COVID-19 and food: navigating food and health safety in the workplace, including an assessment of how the new safety measures are likely to impact food and beverage businesses
  4. Protecting against class actions in the food and beverage sector, with consumer-facing businesses now the highest risk category
  5. Unpacking more developments from the first half of 2020 likely to affect food and beverage businesses


Cross-disciplinary insight

The food and beverage law bulletin brings together insights from experts across a number of related sectors, including intellectual property, health, class actions and competition and consumer law.

Our cross-disciplinary team reports on all the major developments and issues facing businesses in the food and beverage industry in 2020, including food labelling, marketing, advertising and branding, employment (particularly work, health and safety concerns) and COVID-19.