Allens handbook on takeovers in Australia

A guide to navigating key takeover rules and regulations

This handbook gives an overview of the rules that govern takeovers of, and acquisitions of voting securities in, Australian publicly listed companies and trusts. It includes how to undertake or respond to a takeover proposal for an Australian publicly listed company or trust and the legal issues which commonly arise in Australian takeover transactions.

This handbook gives practical tips for those planning or involved in a takeover process.

This handbook addresses the following topics:

  1. Introduction (of regulatory framework)
  2. The 20% rule
  3. Exceptions to the 20%
  4. Takeovers regulators
  5. Shareholding thresholds
  6. Transaction structures
  7. Takeover bids
  8. Schemes of arrangement (for companies)
  9. Trust scheme (for trusts)
  10. Strategic considerations for a prospective acquirer
  11. Strategic considerations for a target
  12. Other takeover issues