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Saving QBE more than 10,000 hours on the Money Max class action matter


QBE Insurance Group is an ASX-listed global provider of insurance and reinsurance products. Allens acted for QBE in relation to shareholder class action proceedings, which arose from a profit downgrade statement made by QBE to the ASX in December 2013.

QBE's document collection for the discovery exercise amounted to more than 2 TB or approximately 3.3 million documents. Historically a linear review of this scale would have required in excess of 50,000 hours.


QBE used Allens' market leading e-Discovery team (Legal Technology and Review Services) to support the search, cull, first pass review and production of documents.

The team used advanced document analytics to group similar documents in order to prioritise primary review as well as predictive coding to prioritise secondary review relevant documents by the senior members of the legal team.


Through the use of early case assessment such as date range culling and document name analysis and exclusion, the team reduced the volume of documents for review by 88 per cent, to around 400,000, saving in excess of 10,000 review hours while meeting QBE's discovery obligations.

Allens team

Guy Foster (Partner), Jonathan Light (Partner), Karan Mehta (Head of Legal Technology), Susan Webster (Legal Technology Senior Manager), Anna Hartley (Legal Technology Senior Consultant)

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