eDiscovery & Regulatory Services

When managing an investigation or legal dispute, organisations often have large volumes of data that they need to collect, process and analyse to identify an appropriate set of documents for legal review.

Commonly, organisations are operating under tight timeframes and budgetary constraints—all while needing to be certain they are meeting their legal and regulatory obligations.

How we can help

Allens' eDiscovery and regulatory services offer market-leading technology and review solutions to help you collect, manage and review your data in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Our services can be leveraged directly by corporate legal teams for matters they wish to run internally, as well as when engaging Allens to provide broader legal services. 

We provide flexible consulting, legal technology and document-review services for litigation matters, internal investigations and regulator notice responses. 

Our services include:

  • matter scoping to identify categories of data to be collected relevant to the issues in a matter, and discovery or regulator notice categories;
  • data collection and processing;
  • data hosting in a highly secure environment, leveraging best-in-market technology;
  • early case assessment;
  • culling and review strategies, including document analytics and technology-assisted review (predictive coding), to minimise review costs and target documents most likely to be relevant;
  • technology-enabled, low-cost, managed document review;
  • data production to opposing parties or regulators in accordance with court and regulator protocols; and
  • the expertise and support of Australia's largest eDiscovery team.

Our e-Discovery and regulatory work has never been legally challenged by a regulator or court.

The benefits for your business

Delivering high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable results 

Through the combination of sophisticated technologies, diverse expertise and our forensic legal judgement, we complete document-intensive exercises efficiently and with costs front of mind.

Our in-house team comprises more than 50 professionals with backgrounds in computer science, consulting, project management and law. We work alongside your lawyers and Allens' lawyers to deliver outcomes leveraging our deep experience and broad capabilities.  

Saving you time and money

We combine our expertise and cutting-edge technology to effectively reduce the volume of documents for manual review, saving our clients time and money. 

We heavily leverage AI and document analytics to target key documents and reduce the pool of documents to be reviewed by our lawyers, ensuring that their time is focused on the high-value and strategic aspects of matters.  

Leveraging our 50-strong core team of technologists, we help you to achieve even the most challenging regulator- or court-imposed timeframes.

Flexible resourcing options

We can build low-cost teams to conduct large-scale document review or to support your internal matters.

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