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Hydrogen technologies timeline in Australia
Insight 05 Jul 2021

Hydrogen fuel offers Australia a low-emissions, clean, storable energy solution for our future domestic energy needs. Our timeline details major milestones for hydrogen technologies in Australia. ...

1 July 2021 increases (wages and super)
Insight 30 Jun 2021

The minimum wage, high income threshold, and superannuation guarantee rate are all set to increase on 1 July 2021. ...

Managing psychosocial hazards at work
Insight 30 Jun 2021

The New South Wales Government has introduced Australia's first Code of Practice (Code) for managing psychosocial hazards in the workplace. ...

Getting PPE on and off might be on the clock
Insight 30 Jun 2021

The Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has ruled that a meatworker is entitled to payment for the time involved in putting on and removing his personal protective equipment (PPE) during a 30-minute unpaid meal break.1 ...

A limitation on employer power to direct employees to attend an interview
Insight 30 Jun 2021

An employer did not have the power to direct an employee to attend an interview for a workplace investigation, but successfully maintained a claim of legal professional privilege over the investigation materials despite 'misleading' the employee as to the purpose of the investigation. ...

Changes to Victoria's suite of industrial relations legislation
Insight 30 Jun 2021

On 29 April 2021, the Victorian Government passed the Industrial Relations Legislation Amendment Act 2021 (Vic) (IRLAA) to amend various pieces of industrial relations legislation in Victoria, including those dealing with long service leave and anti-discrimination. ...

Deliveroo worker rides again
Insight 30 Jun 2021

In the latest of a series of cases examining the employee-independent contractor distinction, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has found a Deliveroo delivery rider to be an employee and protected by unfair dismissal laws. ...

Respect@Work legislative reforms
Insight 30 Jun 2021

The Federal Government has proposed legislative changes to respond to the Australian Human Rights Commission's Respect@Work Report. ...

Where did you get those shoes? Manolo Blahnik seeks preliminary discovery against Estro Concept
Insight 30 Jun 2021

Luxury shoe brand Manolo Blahnik sought preliminary discovery from designer outlet store Estro Concept (Estro) to determine whether it had a right to obtain relief for trade mark infringement and misleading conduct. ...

No parody or satire defence for Clive Palmer's Twisted Sister rip-off
Insight 30 Jun 2021

Clive Palmer's 'Australia's Not Gonna Cop It' jingle has been found to infringe copyright in Twisted Sister's hit 'We're Not Gonna Take It', with the Federal Court awarding $1.5 million in damages against the billionaire. ...