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Capacity Investment Scheme now open for business: will it solve the capacity conundrum?
Insight 26 Mar 2024

The first standalone Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) tender round is now well underway, with Stage A 'Project bids' submitted in February. While we wait to see the final form clean dispatchable CISA and to hear the results of the tender round, we consider the current state of play. ...

The significance of fair and timely investigation into whistleblower allegations
Insight 21 Mar 2024

This Insight examines the risks of not investigating whistleblower allegations in a timely and procedurally fair manner and the importance of scrutinising investigation findings prior to taking disciplinary action. ...

Tax benefits and desire: lessons from the Minerva Part IVA decision
Insight 21 Mar 2024

The decision represents a significant win for taxpayers and provides guidance on the operation of Australia's anti-avoidance rules contained in Part IVA. ...

Why organisations must embed mental health and wellbeing support into cyber incident response planning
Insight 20 Mar 2024

Mental health and wellbeing support for cyber professionals, incident response teams and staff targeted in cyber incidents, is now essential to cyber risk management and incident response planning. ...

Safety in numbers: renewables portfolio financing in the Australian market
Insight 18 Mar 2024

In this Insight, we've set out some of the key points for consideration by sponsors and lenders when contemplating the financing of a renewables portfolio. ...

Class action risk 2024

Class action filings rebounded in 2023, making it the second biggest year for filings of all time. While consumer claims continue to dominate, claims from shareholders and employees remain significant areas of risk. ...

National Electricity and Gas rules update: February 2024
Insight 15 Mar 2024

In our latest update, we examine the progress of new and existing rule change requests to the AEMC across the month of February, as well as take a closer look at AEMO's rule change request in relation to integrating consumer energy resources into the NEM. ...

Heralding in a new era – PNG's arbitration regime
Insight 14 Mar 2024

The Papua New Guinea National Parliament recently passed legislation that offers a revamped and modern legal framework to entities seeking to resolve their domestic and/or international commercial disputes through arbitration. ...

AICD's guide for directors on governing through a cyber crisis
Insight 13 Mar 2024

The Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) published 'Governing through a cyber crisis: cyber incident response and recovery for Australian directors'. We provide our observations, commentary and suggested next steps. ...

What's trending: board skills and diversity reporting
Insight 12 Mar 2024

In this Insight, we examine the key trends in board skills and diversity reporting across Australia's top 50 ASX-listed entities over the last three years, provide an update regarding proposed changes to the ASX Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. ...