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Vietnam project financing guide
Insight 24 Apr 2024

In this guide, we examine project financing, highlighting critical legal and commercial considerations from the standpoint of foreign lenders and sponsors. ...

Big batteries in 2024 – the opportunities and challenges ahead
Insight 17 Apr 2024

Despite the challenges faced in the energy transition, the development of grid-scale batteries continues to escalate as further revenue and financing opportunities emerge. ...

Seizing opportunities in the energy transition

Transitioning Australia's electricity generation system from fossil fuels to renewables, in tandem with reducing emissions across all sectors of the economy, presents both a formidable challenge and a real opportunity. Australia's future will be shaped by this transition. ...

Propelling city growth

The urban boom is placing pressure on our cities to keep up with the increasing demand for affordable housing and social, transportation and utility infrastructure. ...

Three things to consider with ESG investing
Insight 22 Feb 2022

Alongside record flows into sustainable funds and investments, growing attention on ESG presents opportunities and challenges for investors and fund managers alike. Watch our latest video on key steps to harnessing the opportunities and mitigating the risks that ESG investing brings. ...

Financing sustainability – a guide to green and sustainable finance in Australia

One of the most significant developments in the loan markets over the past year or so has been the rapid increase in the use of green and sustainable financing products. These include sustainability-linked loans, green loans, social loans ...

Building strength through collaboration
Insight 28 Apr 2021

For the past two decades, Australia has been a leader in the use of public private partnerships (PPPs) and private capital in the delivery of public infrastructure. Our successes have been so pronounced that countries such as Canada would send experts and civil servants to learn from local authorities. The market matured, and many complex projects were delivered using this approach. It is the combination of private and public sectors that is crucial for a successful project, allowing certain risks to be transferred, better management of risk and more innovative thinking. In this Insight, we discuss why private sector involvement is beneficial and how they enable stronger project outcomes for all. ...

Spreading the spend
Insight 28 Apr 2021

To re-balance the pipeline and bring the greatest benefits to all Australians, we need to spread the spend. Government is posed to spend record amounts and we need to make sure we are delivering the right infrastructure, in the right places, at the right time. ...

Construction Law: the year in review and year ahead

Webinar: Construction Law year in review and year ahead ...

Investing via convertible debt instruments in Vietnam
Insight 03 Sep 2020

We look at the pros and cons of convertible debt instruments compared to traditional equity investment in Vietnam, the availability of these instruments to foreign investors and a comparison between convertible loan and convertible bond. ...