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Key findings from the Infrastructure Investment Monitor
Insight 15 May 2024

A lot can change in a short time, particularly in infrastructure, and staying on top of those changes can be a challenge.Each year, Allens and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia co-author the Infrastructure Investment Monitor—a review of the investment trends in the infrastructure landscape—and ...

Big batteries in 2024 – the opportunities and challenges ahead
Insight 17 Apr 2024

Despite the challenges faced in the energy transition, the development of grid-scale batteries continues to escalate as further revenue and financing opportunities emerge. ...

Licensing emerging process technologies: modern approaches to risk allocation
Insight 08 Apr 2024

Licensing emerging technology is a tempting prospect when navigating decarbonisation and sustainability. We outline the risks of applying standard liability positions when licensing nascent technology; and provide some key risk mitigants for prospective licensees. ...

Key insights into draft Electricity Law and PDP8 Implementation Plan
Insight 05 Apr 2024

In a significant step towards strengthening Vietnam's power security, the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT) has released a draft amendment to the Electricity Law (the Electricity Law Draft). ...

Bidding into the Capacity Investment Scheme? Plug into our deep dive into the clean dispatchable 'CISA'
Insight 26 Mar 2024

The first standalone Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) tender round, open to clean dispatchable capacity projects in Victoria and South Australia, is now well underway. Developers, investors and lenders must stay across these rapid developments to ensure they can accurately assess the CIS opportunity ...

Capacity Investment Scheme now open for business: will it solve the capacity conundrum?
Insight 26 Mar 2024

The first standalone Capacity Investment Scheme (CIS) tender round is now well underway, with Stage A 'Project bids' submitted in February. While we wait to see the final form clean dispatchable CISA and to hear the results of the tender round, we consider the current state of play. ...

Safety in numbers: renewables portfolio financing in the Australian market
Insight 18 Mar 2024

In this Insight, we've set out some of the key points for consideration by sponsors and lenders when contemplating the financing of a renewables portfolio. ...

New regulations on tariff ranges for solar and wind power projects
Insight 01 Mar 2024

Ever since feed-in tariffs (FiTs) expired for solar power projects (31 December 2020) and wind power projects (31 October 2021), the Vietnamese Government has prevaricated over the legal framework to develop solar and wind power projects including, most importantly, the pricing mechanisms. ...

Draft Circular set to end FiT era for all renewable power projects in Vietnam
Insight 01 Mar 2024

Vietnam is set to end all feed-in tariffs (FiTs) for renewable energy generation, with a draft Circular regulating power price formulation for waste-to-energy (WTE) and biomass power projects. In this Insight, we look at aspects of the Draft Circular that will be of particular interest to sponsors ...

Giving new meaning to 'going off grid': can alternatives to utility scale generation solve the energy transition?
Insight 26 Feb 2024

Challenges facing the energy transition present opportunities for consumers and investors. Can alternatives to utility scale generation solve the energy transition? ...