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Finkel Review - Electricity: Design for a market in transition
Insight 18 Jul 2017

In the fifth of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at signals for new investment in the National Electricity Market The Reviews responses to this issue reject sweeping changes to the wholesale market structure but call for more immediate and targeted measures to support the transition of ...

Australia's foreign investment regime - regulatory burden reduced
Insight 03 Jul 2017

Significant changes to Australias foreign investment regime came into effect on 1 July 2017 intended to address concerns regarding this regime raised since its introduction in December 2015 The amendments reduce the regulatory burden in a number of key ways and will impact a range of foreign ...

Finkel Review - Renewables: The importance of regulatory certainty for renewables
Insight 30 Jun 2017

In the third of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at implications for the renewable energy sector Two recommendations in particular - the Clean Energy Target CET and the Generator Reliability Obligation - raise a number of opportunities and issues for investment in the renewable energy ...

Finkel Review - Distributed Energy Resources: Unlocking potential and future partnerships
Insight 23 Jun 2017

In the second of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment on the growth of distributed energy resources DERs in the Australian energy landscape and his suggestions for future incentivisation and orchestration These suggestions have raised a number of considerations and ...

Finkel Review - Gas: A revolving door or real change?
Insight 20 Jun 2017

In the first of our series analysing the Finkel Review we look at Dr Finkels assessment on the place of gas in the Australian energy landscape and his suggestions for the creation of more efficient gas markets These suggestions include both the familiar and the novel but it is yet to be seen if Dr ...

Finkel: the solution for our energy future?
Insight 13 Jun 2017

As the saying goes never let a good crisis go to waste The Finkel Review commissioned after blackouts in South Australia and delivered by Australias Chief Scientist last week may prove to be the right report at the right time to garner support for energy and emissions policy positions that could ...

Report: Australia's foreign investment regime - budget changes relating to solar and wind farms
Insight 24 May 2017

In the 2017 Budget the Australian Government flagged a number of changes to Australias foreign investment regime including clarifying the treatment of solar and wind farms under the regime ...

Review of climate change policies discussion paper
Insight 28 Mar 2017

Following the release of the terms of reference for the 2017 climate change policy review in December 2016 the Federal Government has recently released its climate change policy review discussion paper for public consultation Partner Andrew Mansour Senior Associate Emily Gerrard and Lawyer Holly ...

Misinterpretation of REC liability exemption leaves islanded generator high and dry
Insight 14 Mar 2017

A decision by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal affirming an assessment by the Clean Energy Regulator as to the liability of an off-grid generator under the Renewable Energy Electricity Act 2000 Cth highlights the need for liable entities to carefully consider their reliance on the small systems ...

New Draft Wind Energy Planning Framework
Insight 08 Aug 2016

The New South Wales Government has released its new Wind Energy Planning Framework with the aim of establishing a more efficient and consistent assessment and approval regime for wind energy projects and also addressing the concerns raised by stakeholders to the 2011 draft Guidelines The buffer zone ...