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Post-election class action reform: easing the pressure on litigation funders
Insight 27 May 2022

Several recently enacted and proposed reforms to the class action regime hang in the balance following the change of government in the 2022 Federal Election. ...

In Touch: ACCC Chair calls for collaboration among regulators across the globe; and other developments
Insight 19 May 2022

The ACCC moo-ving to enforce compliance with the Dairy Code On 9 May, the ACCC updated its guidance for the Dairy Code of Conduct ahead of the new dairy season and the upcoming 1 June deadline for ...

What the wide-ranging sanctions on Russia mean for your organisation
Insight 19 May 2022

The Australian Government, introduced a wave of new trade and financial sanctions measures against Russia in response to the situation in Ukraine. This is the first time in living memory that a major economy has been subject to such wide-ranging sanctions, with implications for a range of industries. ...

Transporting hydrogen via existing gas pipelines potentially a step closer
Insight 16 May 2022

Since our last update on 18 October 2021, significant progress has been made in the ongoing review of the National Gas Regulatory Framework. The latest proposed amendments open the door for renewable generated gases to be transported and sold using existing pipeline infrastructure. ...

National Electricity and Gas rules update: April 2022
Insight 11 May 2022

In our latest update, we examine the progress of new and existing rule change requests to the AEMC across the month of April, as well as take a closer look at the AEMC's draft determination to improve consultation in the NER and NGR. ...

Federal Court finds cyber risk management is a critical obligation for financial services firms
Insight 06 May 2022

The Federal Court handed down its judgment in proceedings brought by ASIC against RI Advice on 5 May 20221. It found that, as result of its failure to manage cyber security risks and cyber resilience, RI Advice breached its obligations to do all things necessary to ensure that the financial services covered by the licence were provided efficiently and fairly, and to have adequate risk management systems in place. ...

High Court relieves anxiety with key patent decision
Insight 05 May 2022

In the latest in Australia's longest-running pharmaceutical patent term extension litigation, the High Court has found Sandoz infringed a patent, owned by Lundbeck, for a drug used to treat anxiety and depression, by selling generic products during an extended term of the patent ...

Intellectual Property rights in wartime
Insight 05 May 2022

As Russia's war on Ukraine continues to cause mass devastation to the country and its people, the response of much of the Western world, including Australia, has been to impose a series of economic sanctions against the Kremlin. ...

Parking threats of patent infringement proceedings: UbiPark v TMA Capital Australia
Insight 05 May 2022

Recently, Justice Moshinsky of the Federal Court granted an interlocutory injunction to restrain a patentee from making further threats of infringement proceedings against the customers and potential customers of an entity against whom the patentee had already made threats. Historically, interlocuto ...

'Oh why' did you copy me? 'Oh I' did no such thing - the UK High Court rules in favour of Ed Sheeran in copyright dispute
Insight 05 May 2022

The UK High Court has ruled in favour of Ed Sheeran in a copyright dispute concerning his hit song 'Shape of You'. The court held that Ed Sheeran had not, deliberately or subconsciously, copied the hook of an earlier song, 'Oh Why'. We consider this fascinating decision in more detail below. ...