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Adjudications under WA's SOPA legislation - enforcement by statutory demands clarified
Insight 24 Jun 2014

The WA Supreme Court has provided important clarification on the enforcement of adjudication determinations by the use of statutory demands under that States security of payment legislation It has confirmed that leave to enforce an adjudication determination as a judgment must be obtained before the ...

Work Health & Safety
Insight 23 Apr 2014

This Insight examines the latest developments in Workplace Health and Safety laws ...

Important changes to BCIPA in Queensland
Insight 11 Apr 2014

Queenslands Department for Housing and Public Works has released details of fundamental amendments to the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act proposed to come into effect this year Partner Dan Young and Overseas Practitioner Andrew Middleton report on the key reforms proposed and their ...

Security of payment laws to come into force in NSW
Insight 11 Apr 2014

New amending security of payment legislation will soon come into force in NSW that will provide greater protection and certainty for subcontractors in the contracting chain Partner Leighton OBrien and Lawyers Will Coote and Jerome Entwisle look at what will change and the implications ...

Workplace Relations
Insight 27 Feb 2014

We look at a unions contravention of the general protection laws new legislation that will expand the powers of the federal building industry regulator the Fair Work Commissions ruling on urine testing and its implications for employers a Fair Work Commission ruling affirming reinstatement as the ...