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Tax dispute series: diverted profits tax and PepsiCo

Webinar: Tax dispute series: diverted profits tax and PepsiCo ...

Awakening a sleeping giant: the growing authority of Australia's carbon market regulator
Insight 11 Jul 2023

The enforcement powers of the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) continue to expand, and these developments have implications for numerous stakeholders across the energy, resources and carbon market sectors and beyond. ...

It's riskier not investigating – why your organisation must confront serious allegations
Insight 05 Jul 2023

This Insight examines the risks of not investigating allegations of misconduct and sets out some ways you can gauge whether your company is set up to adequately investigate serious allegations. ...

Assessing damages through the rear view mirror: Quantum issues in automotive class actions
Insight 02 May 2023

Toyota Appeal gives comfort to automakers that courts will recognise efforts to resolve product defects. ...

When 'reliance damages' can be recovered after a breach of contract
Insight 06 Apr 2023

A plaintiff can choose whether to seek reliance damages. ...

Laundy v Dyco – 'carrying on a business' when the law changes suddenly
Insight 23 Mar 2023

The High Court, in recently considering the construction of a contract for the sale of the property and assets of a hotel business affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We explain this important decision and its implications. ...

Dispute Resolution Boards: appointing DRB members and encouraging the diverse next generation of board members
Insight 09 Mar 2023

In this Insight, we discuss the contractual structure governing the appointment of DRB members, how members are usually appointed, and possible modifications to the appointment process to reduce barriers for new entrants and increase the diversity of candidate pools and, consequently, DRBs. ...

Five questions on the minds of future-focused in-house counsel
Insight 06 Mar 2023

In this Insight, we explore what’s front of mind for innovative legal professionals and share some practical examples of what leading legal functions are doing to improve legal service delivery in their organisations. ...

Three ways to avoid construction project disputes
Insight 01 Mar 2023

Three ways to avoid construction project disputes ...

Seven key themes set to shape regulatory enforcement risk

Legal and compliance leaders often ask us: what are the top enforcement risks we face and how can we prepare? In this report we cover the key themes running through regulatory enforcement activity in 2022 and what they will mean for you in 2023. Most sectors will be impacted by the seven key trends. ...