Online Compliance Training

Build a culture of compliance with a team that knows the legal risks

Compliance training is a critical part of any legal risk management framework. 

Now more than ever, with distributed workforces and shifting business models / ways of working - online compliance training is an effective and efficient way for organisations to track and deliver training to their employees.

Our training ensures your employees know the legal risks relevant to their role, how to manage those risks and when to ask for help.

Our core modules

Competition I - Dealing with Competitors

Competition II - Avoiding Anti-competitive Conduct

Consumer I - Marketing and Sales

Consumer II - Dealing with Customer Returns and Complaints

Consumer III – Contracts, Negotiating Fairly and Product Safety

Privacy I – Privacy Fundamentals

Privacy II – Additional Privacy Protections

Anti-bribery and Corruption I — Introduction to Anti-bribery

Anti-bribery and Corruption II — Anti-bribery in Practice

Continuous Disclosure

Work Health and Safety

Data Breach

Insider Trading

Unlawful discrimination, bullying and harassment


Dawn Raid

The benefits for your business

With regulators increasingly scrutinising corporate conduct and behaviour, Allens' online compliance training helps organisations stay on top of the legal risks facing their business.

Safeguarding your business

Training that provides practical guidance for personnel to identify the legal risks relevant to their role and escalate issues to the legal team as required.

Focussed on your needs

Tailored modules that focus on real world legal risks with simple explanations of the law and practical steps for controlling legal risk.

Beyond just training

As part of a broader suite of risk and compliance advisory services, we can partner with you beyond training. We identify and control legal risk through a risk management framework tailored and scaled to your business.