Contract Automation

Continually pushed to be more efficient and cost-effective, corporate legal teams are turning to contract automation as a way of doing more for less.

Contract automation allows organisations to create contracts and other legal documents more efficiently and with reduced risk. 

By developing guided questionnaires, based on high-quality legal precedents, contract automation solutions collect relevant data and guide individuals through the contract creation process, automatically generating completed legal contracts based on best practice—quickly and efficiently. 

How we can help

Many corporate legal teams don't have the budget, capacity, IT support or skills to build their own automated documents. While there are countless vendors in the market offering many types of solutions, it's challenging for corporate legal teams to determine the best approach. This can lead to delays, wasted effort and unnecessary costs when trying to automate a suite of documents.

With myriad software solutions available on the market, we offer the right advice, access to technology and expertise to help you streamline high-volume contract creation. 

Coupled with our legal expertise, we guide your document automation project down the right path by:

  • building a clear organisation case for automation that considers your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals;
  • re-engineering the structure of a legal document to be automation ready;
  • marking up documents and building questionnaires that can be used by any automation provider to quickly and easily automate a document;
  • refining requirements for a specific solution and matching them to a market offering;
  • guiding your team members working on these tools to help them through the process of automation, leading to greater self-sufficiency; and
  • providing end-to-end, legal-document-automation solutions in the context of delivering our legal services to you. 

The benefits for your business

Speeding up document creation (and signing, where an e-signing product is used)

Based on our deep experience automating a breadth of legal documents, our experts will unpack your specific needs and design or recommend a fit-for-purpose automation solution to meet them. This will deliver:

  • improved consistency of documents and reduced risk, ensuring that contracts are always created based on best-practice legal precedents;
  • reduction in the workload of corporate legal teams through business units being able to create legal documents on a self-serve basis;
  • reduced turnaround times; and 
  • reduced work for lawyers in reviewing and finalising commonly used documents.

Providing expertise to guide you on your contract automation project 

Our services provide you with ultimate flexibility to ensure you obtain value from your legal spend.  

Whether it be developing best-practice legal precedents across a suite of contracts and fully automating these for you, or simply providing advice and guidance on technical platforms or the steps involved, our services will help to save you time and money. 

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