Contract Analytics & Review

Due diligence and contract review is an important component of transactions. 

And like many other legal exercises, it can be a time-consuming and costly exercise for organisations.

Common challenges include reviewing large volumes of lengthy documents, and the identification and analysis of key clauses, quickly and efficiently.

How we can help

We leverage cutting-edge, machine-learning technology and our internal technical expertise to streamline, increase the efficiency of, and reduce costs of, due diligence and contract review exercises.

Using market-leading platforms such as Luminance, we 'train' machine-learning platforms to automatically identify common clauses across a range of contracts. Our subject-matter experts are used to identify and tag key clauses within an organisation's contracts, allowing us to automatically identify similar clauses across a broader set of documents. We deploy this approach across a variety of matters, including in the context of due diligence, obligations analysis and multi-contract comparisons. 

The benefits for your business

Gaining powerful, early insights

Our technology-enabled approach provides our clients with an early snapshot of key information within a set of contracts, before a detailed due diligence process begins.

Identifying and reporting on risks earlier

Our approach provides visibility of key areas of risk earlier in a transaction, giving you more time to assess them and take action.

Ensuring an efficient, cost-effective outcome

Integrating market-leading technology with the right resourcing model accelerates a contract review exercise and reduces the manual work and costs involved. Our approach ensures that our lawyers' time is being spent on only the most valuable aspects of the analysis—resulting in significant cost savings for our clients.   

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