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From a compliance mentality to thinking and acting ethically

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Organisations are increasingly being judged by what is right, not what is legal. As a result, boards and senior management are seeking guidance on 'right vs wrong', not just 'legal vs illegal'.  As lawyers, we are in a unique position to encourage an ethical mindset and help our organisations move beyond a compliance mentality.

This webinar explores the evolving role and responsibility of in-house legal advisers in relation to effective ethical decision-making. Seen through an ESG mega-trends lens it examines two key perspectives:

  • the board - what does a board need or expect from its legal counsellors? How can legal counsellors add greater value to the deliberations of the board in its pursuit of effective, ethical decision-making? 
  • the legal advisor - is the role limited by the notion of giving 'legal advice' or should it stretch beyond a confined legalistic scope to embrace a more ethically nuanced mindset?

To help us examine these questions, we are joined by two leaders in their respective fields: Non-Executive Director Jane McAloon and Allens Partner Rachel Nicolson.

This session was recorded on Tuesday, 21 February 2023 at 12pm.

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Core area: NSW/VIC/WA Ethics and Professional Responsibility | QLD Practical Legal Ethics
1 hour – 1 CPD point.

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