How copyright can protect the value of your data

The forgotten shield for your valuable data

COVID-19 has accelerated the shift to digital, generating increasingly large volumes of data and, in turn, opening up opportunities for creating and protecting value.

With ever-advancing technology, it is also increasingly easy for competitors and bad actors to access your commercial data and exploit it for their own gain.

While you can impose confidentiality obligations and contractual restrictions, do not overlook copyright as another potentially effective tool in your armoury to preserve the commercial value of your datasets.

Covered in the report

  1. How copyright can protect business data, and how this differs from market standard approaches. 
  2. Actions your organisation can take now to increase its chances of copyright protection. 
  3. Approaches to copyright. Case studies and looking to the future.

Beyond data

At a time of unparalleled technological innovation, it is important to think holistically (including from an IP perspective) about the assets being developed by and for your organisation, as well as how to safeguard them in this constantly evolving and uncertain environment.